Quilt 1

29 08 2011

Quilt 1 is our ‘starter’ quilt, the first quilt that was created to bring Iditarod from classroom to classroom around the United States.  Designed and created in 2005, this quilt has traveled in Alaska and from coast to coast across the lower 48.  This quilt has even traveled to Rome, Italy!  Thus making the Iditarod Traveling Quilt, an International Project!

Quilt contains squares created by teachers at the 2005 Summer Conference and sewn together by 2006 Teacher on the Trail™ Terrie Hanke.

The photo to the left is of Terrie and her golf team, holding the quilt, fall of 2005.  A special thanks goes to Terrie for all her dedication and hard work creating quilts for this project.

During the 2011 – 2012 school year, Quilt 1 is scheduled to travel to California, Arizona, and the state of Washington.  Quilt is ready for a busy traveling season and can’t wait to meet all of the students, teachers, and members of school communities along the trail this year.  Quilt enjoys helping teachers not just cover curriculum, but ‘uncover’ content and life skills necessary for student success.

Updates of Quilt’s journey will be posted starting in  October.




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