Quilt 6: At St. John Nepomucene School

15 09 2011

For Quilt 5, it was off to Nebraska to join in the festivities of a new school year just under way.   Visiting the school, meeting students, and even getting to see the Capitol Building were all part of the exciting adventures for the Quilt 6.

September Report From St. John Nepomucene School, Weston, NE

By Mrs. Maly

Here is quilt with Mrs. Maly’s kindergarten and first grade class.  We really enjoyed our time with the quilt!  (See the  photograph above!)

Right after we received the quilt, two little husky dogs came to live in our classroom!

The pups are eating their dog bones with a friend.  We named them Buster and Jack.  Buster will stay in our classroom, but Jack will have a new home, soon.

We did lots of graphing lessons when quilt was with us.  We graphed which square of the quilt was our favorite.  We graphed the dog bones that were in each dog bowl.  We, also went online to look at all the traveling quilts and graphed which quilt was our favorite.  (We kind of like our own!)

Quilt #6 met our Home/School Association members at their first meeting of the year.  Everyone really liked the quilt and was happy that it was able to spend time at our school!

Quilt #6 made a special trip to the state capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska!  Mrs. Maly had to talk at a press conference about the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and brought quilt along to see government in action.  (Above) Quilt was in Governor Dave Heineman’s reception room.

(To the Left)  Quilt is behind the state capitol.

Quilt visited some other classrooms in our school, also.  It spent one day with the 2nd graders (pictured below) and one day with the 5th and 6th graders.

We really like the movie that came with the quilt about Mr. Herbst’s class.  We’d like to make some dog booties and Mrs. Maly would REALLY like to be at an Iditarod!

Our class really loves dogs!  This traveling quilt inspired us to make a quilt of our own featuring the dogs in our lives!  Each student has a square to decorate featuring a dog that he/she has loved.

This is Mrs. Maly’s dog, Zoey.   She even got to pose for this picture with Quilt #6!

Our quilt isn’t finished yet, but it’s got a good start.  The first graders are holding it up in the picture below.  We have a few more friends who need to bring their dog pictures and Mrs. Maly has a little more sewing to do!  We are going to put our quilt up for auction at an upcoming fundraiser and our Husky puppy, Jack, will go to the family who wins this quilt!

We’re going to send a quilt square to be included in one of next year’s Iditarod quilts.

What a great project!  Thanks for sharing with us!

Mrs. Maly’s Class

St. John Nepomucene School, Weston, Nebraska




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