Quilt 6: October Update

23 10 2011

Quilt 6Quilt 6 traveled from Nebraska to Wisconsin.

What a wonderful month of learning for the students!

“Quilt 6 has been enjoying the company of 3rd graders at Pleasant View Elementary in Pine River, Wisconsin.

The kids were very surprised and excited to be a part of a very special project. When the quilt first arrived, the meaning of the quilt square titled “What’s Your Iditarod?” was a little confusing, but it makes more sense to us now.  One student exclaimed that math facts are her Iditarod right now, as she is working very hard to master her facts!”

Exactly!  The students understand that everyone has ‘their own Iditarod!”  The students in this classroom are on their way to accomplishing their goals!

Click here to read all about the adventures of Quilt 6!




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