Traveling Quilt – 2 Visits New York

25 10 2011

All About Me – A Traveling Quilt Idea

By:  Valerie Orner, Third grade teacher, Waverly, New York

The Iditarod Traveling Quilt made a stop in Waverly, New York for the month of October. Third grade teacher, Valerie Orner was excited to see the quilt that she helped create. The students were excited about seeing all the squares and where they all came from. Discussions abound as to what each square represented and where they were from. During a stop in front of the quilt one day, a student remarked that each square told about the person that created it.

The light bulb went off and the idea of the “All About Me” quilt was born.  Students are creating a 12 x 12 square on tag board that has their picture in the middle and the students are creating pictures that reflect who they are. The pictures include items such as family members, pets, favorite things, sports and anything the student felt was important to them.  The squares will then be put together and the entire classroom quilt will be on display in the school lobby. Like the Iditarod Traveling message, each square is different, just like my students.

Quilt 2




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