Quilt 1 Visits California: September Update

28 10 2011

Quilt 1 started the school year off by traveling from South Dakota to California to meet 4th grade students and their teacher, Ms. Dekker.  Their teacher wanted to introduce the students to the quilt right away at the start of school because the students were going to read the story, Akiak.

Ms. Dekker wanted us to be sure to know that having the quilt visit the students and spend time at the school was a great way to start the school year!

Ms. Dekker says:

The 4th grade students of Coolidge school in San Gabriel, CA really enjoyed being able to interact with quilt #1. 

They liked answering the trivia question sheet that encouraged them to analyze and think about the attributes of each square.  We especially enjoyed seeing Gary Paulsen’s signature and simile that he had written.  What a treat! 

The students were impressed with the artwork on the quilt as well.  When we were finished with the quilt, we took some pictures, including one large group picture with the whole class at our playground structure.Thank you for making the quilt available to us!

Coolidge school, 4th grade, Ms. Dekker’s class




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