Quilt 5 Visits Illinois

15 11 2011

What an amazing journey!! Mrs. Hendry’s fourth grade class in Sullivan, Illinois finished a reading unit about JOURNEYS  just in time to receive our Iditarod traveling quilt.  We dissected and discussed the quilt squares focusing on how we could incorporate the ideas into our own lives.  Students enjoyed using the quilt in cross-curricular activities from reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Students focused a writing assignment on the traits of the Iditarod, which were found on the website. They had to choose one of the eight traits and write a persuasive essay on why it was the most important trait for an Iditarod team to possess.

Our class uses an “I’m all through, now what do we do?” poster. This month one of the activities was to create a poem about the Iditarod. Several students really got into this activity and we shared them on a classroom bulletin board.

Another fourth grade class created postage stamps featuring a scene from the story “Akiak.” On the back of their stamps they wrote details describing the scene and wrote why they chose that particular picture.  Even our GTE class got involved and read stories about the Iditarod and had group discussions about the quilt.

They journey we took to learn all about the quilt and the traits is one that will not be soon forgotten. Thank you to everyone who makes this program available for our students!!

Mrs. Hendry

View a PowerPoint Presentation from Mrs. Hendry.

8-Traits of the Iditarod





Team Work




Who and where will Quilt #5 visit this year?

Map Skills Lesson


Quilt’s Home-Alexandria, NH

Our School-Sullivan, IL

New Baden Elementary- New Baden, IL

Palmyra Elementary -Palmyra, WI

Mrs. Gladue-Dunseith, ND

Pine Meadow Elementary-Sartell, MN

Glenfield Elementary- Glenfield, NY

Arthur S. May Elementary-Poughkeepsie, NY




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