Quilt 6 Inspires Students to Help Raise Money!

18 11 2011

Students and the Quilt They Made –  The Quilt was auctioned of at a school fund raiser!  Congratulations, Students!

This just in: Students Create Quilt for School Fund Raiser!

We were the first school that quilt 6 visited this year, and I just wanted you to know what an impact it has made!  We created our own quilt with pictures of dogs that we love.  We put it up for auction at our soup supper.  It was in a basket with other things donated by students from my class.  The quilt was, however, the prized object in the collection.  We had our soup supper today and our basket, featuring our quilt, brought $360!  I attached a picture of our completed quilt with my class.  Thanks so much for inspiring us!

Linda Maly – St. John Nepomucene School

We say:  Congratulations!  What an awesome quilt and a  wonderful way to contribute to your school community!




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