Quilt 4 Visits Hewitt, Texas

30 11 2011

Quilt 4 spent time in Hewitt, Texas in the 3rd grade classroom of Ms. Ziegelt.  The students had lots of fun looking at the quilt- they noticed that the qualities needed to be a successful musher are the same ones that we have in Rachel’s Challenge at our school.  Each student selected a quality from the quilt and then designed a quilt block.  We plan to make a “Quilt of Kindness” to display in our school.

Rachel’s Challenge is based on acts of kindness to each other and to our community.  Our 3rd grade classes marched in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade in nearby Waco to show the community that we honor our Veterans.  Everyone had a great time singing patriotic songs and waving flags. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of Quilt at the parade- we did give Quilt a kindness link for sharing information wherever it goes (it’s in the scrapbook).

We are looking forward to the start of the 2012 Iditarod—we plan to be kind to the mushers by writing cards and letters of encouragement.

Thank you, Quilt 4, for visiting our classroom.  You are welcome to visit again, any time.

Ms. Z and the 3rd graders at Hewitt Elementary.




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