Quilt 7 Spends November in Kentucky!

8 12 2011

The students in the third grade at St. Joseph School in northern KY enjoyed have the quilt at school.  We hung it in our hallway because our teacher wanted to be sure that her students who were now in 4th an 5th grades and followed the Iditarod the last two years could see it.  She gave us a quiz on the SMARTboard to see how much we knew about the Iditarod.  We did not know a whole lot!  We look forward to learning more about the Iditarod.

We are sure that the quilt will come to mean even more to us as we learn about the dedication of all the people connected with the Iditarod.  We are going to be making a quilt square for an upcoming quilt.  We are very excited about that!


The third graders at St. Joseph School




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