Quilt 9: September in New York!

12 12 2011

We were very excited to be the first class to have the quilt. The kids enjoyed seeing all the quilt squares including the two our school did last year. Some of the kids that participated in the project last year got to see the square with their name on it. Since we did two squares last year the quilt will return to us in March. We are very excited to see where the quilt has been since we sent it on its journey.

We watched the DVD of the teacher (Trent Herbst) who participated in the Iditarod Race and talked about the race and the sled dogs. We will do more projects when the quilt comes to us again. We hope the other schools enjoy the quilt as much as we did.

Ms. Danielle’s and Mr. Ethan’s Pre-K Class
Ms. Beth’s and Ms. Carrol’s Pre-K Class
The Children’s School @ URMC
Rochester, NY




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