Quilt 2: Ohio in November

2 01 2012
A Dream Was Born With Quilt #2
November, 2011

After finding out that Willard High School would be receiving Quilt #2, Mrs. Wyckoff’s classroom decided to put together a presentation for a few nearby classrooms.  At the end of September Mrs. Wyckoff attended an Iditarod Teacher Conference in Curtis, Michigan.  She came back with tons of things from the Iditarod, great ideas and a DOG SLED for our classroom!  She bought a raffle ticket and her name was drawn out by musher Jodi Bailey!  We were so excited!  What started off as a small presentation began to grow into a two week tour of all our area schools with Mrs. Wyckoff’s students as the presenters!

Each student was assigned an Iditarod topic to present.  We made presentation boards, collected items related to our topics and did research.  We covered the following topics: Sled Dogs, Dog Booties, Iditarod Awards, The Serum Run, Dog Sleds, Supplies, Mushers and Iditarod Quilt #2.  One student used signed language to answer questions about the types of dogs they use for the race.  We passed around all kinds of items that we had collected for the students to look at during our presentations.  The presentations grew into a 2 week tour!  Every school wanted us to share our presentations with them!  Two area newspapers came and interviewed our classroom.  We were front page news for 2 weeks in a row!

Each presentation began with a short introduction for the entire school.  Our classroom made two different videos to go with our presentations.  One video was for the elementary students and one for the middle school/high school students.  The elementary video contained an introduction to the Iditarod, funny musher pictures and some hilarious alaskan husky dog pictures.  The high school video was more informative and contained information about the serum run and the history of the Iditarod.  The elementary students loved singing and laughing along with our video.  It was fun to hear the entire school singing along with our video.  The middle school and high school video impressed our classmates as well as our administration!  We added our videos to the Quilt #2 Notebook for other classrooms to enjoy.

Our classroom is now busy working on designing our own quilt square, working on table toppers, collecting “Mush Money”, reading for the ‘Idita-read’ and dreaming about snow!  We can’t wait for there to be enough snow on the ground to take out our new sled and see how fast we can get it to go! We are hoping to skype with some classrooms who are doing Iditarod projects or have spent time with an Iditarod Quilt. We hated saying goodbye to Quilt #2 but look forward to meeting other quilts in the future!

Mrs. Wyckoff




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