Quilt 5 Enjoys Wisconsin!

6 01 2012

The Kindergarteners at Palmyra Elementary School loved the quilt.  We looked at each of the squares and talked about some of the vocabulary.  We talked about dog sledding and how the Iditarod began.  We can’t wait for the race to see how long it takes for the mushers and dogs to finish such a long journey.  We placed the Quilt in an hallway display case for others to see.  Many of the Iditarod books that we read, will read or just look at the beautiful pictures of Alaska were placed in the case.   We will make a quilt square sharing some of the Iditarod words we learned, like ‘mush’ and ‘whoa’.  We were sad to see the quilt go, but look forward to seeing next year’s quilt!

Mrs. Muth is inviting Nancy Russell, an amazing teacher and owner of Storm Kloud Kennel from Wisconsin/Colorado who loves to share her knowledge of the Iditarod, her artifacts from when her dogs raced, and her dogs too!  She brings an Alaskan Malamute and an Alaskan Husky and compares their adaptations for dog sledding and racing.  She usually brings a puppy or two to share with the students.  She also brings a full size sled and shows us how long the gang line is.  Students will get to dress up in the many layers of clothes needed to keep warm in the Alaskan weather.  Getting to see the actual drop bags and some of the supplies we might take on the Iditarod really helps us understand what dog sled racing is really about…..the dogs!




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