Adventures of Quilt # 9: Location: Florida

10 02 2012

Quilt finally arrived in the Sunshine State of Florida to Mrs. Lyons’ 7th grade Art class.  Our school, Laurel Hill School is located in the Florida panhandle close to the Alabama border.

Unlike in the years before when the Iditarod was the focus of the 7th grade Language Arts class, this year the art students had the opportunity to participate.  Mrs. Lyons had also just been the sponsor for a trip to New York during the previous school year’s Spring Break so the class was able to see pictures of the beautiful statue of “Balto” in Central Park and enjoyed watching the movie to go along with them, as well as live footage of the Iditarod.  Since the focus this year was on Art, the students drew pictures of Alaska and the Iditarod and we are still working a new quilt piece to submit amidst getting ready for our annual art show.  The students really enjoyed seeing the piece we did the year before which was on this quilt – many of the art students were part of the Language Arts class that made the quilt piece.

We had a great time and hope to be part of this amazing adventure again in the future.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Mrs. Lyons and the Laurel Hill 7th grade Orientation to Art class

 Sabine E. Lyons

Instructor – English/Art

Laurel Hill School




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