Quilt 7 Spends February in Massachusetts

11 03 2012

Early in the afternoon on January 31st a small package (10 x 12 x 8 ½) arrived in our classroom.  When the kids were all settled in their seats after lunch, the package was brought out.  Before it was opened, the students were asked to guess what could be inside the box.  At first they thought they were new books, then letters from soldiers (as we had written to them).  Then some hints were given….It has to do with the Iditarod.  Of course they all shouted “A Puppy!”  Some other guesses were made (snow, dog collars, etc.) and then the box was opened.  Slowly, Quilt #7 was unveiled.  A collective “Ahhh” could be heard in the classroom.  The backing of the quilt was red fleece with dog bone pattern! Desks were moved and the quilt was spread across the desks for inspection.

Students looked at all the squares – there was a buzz in the classroom like no other.  They loved the drawings and loved reading the verses on the squares.  With a partner they were to choose a square and decide what the meaning was behind it.  Then they partnered to write a poem about the square like the one below.

“Although the race is nearly done

The Iditarod waits for every last one

To cross the finish line with pride

With trusty dogs by their side

The red lantern is then put away

Till the following year and another race day”

The quilt was certainly a highlight of the year and will be remembered by the students for years to come.  Thank you for bringing the Iditarod just a little closer to Massachusetts!




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