Quilt 9 Visits Ohio!

11 03 2012

From Hannah Crawford Elementary 4th grade Crestline, OH

The quilt arrived and this students were anxious to see what was in the box.  We had been taking about the traveling quilt and our class made a small quilt to travel to one of the checkpoints so they had an idea of what a traveling quilt was.  When we opened the quilt up they were anxious to see where all it had been and what designs the other people had put on the quilt.

I didn’t tell the students prior to opening it that last years 4th graders made a quilt square and sent it in and it was on this quilt.  When they realized that our schools square was on the quilt they were super excited.

We looked up all the placed the quilt had been and where it was going to travel next.  Then we took it down to our 5th grade classes to share with them so they could see their square in the quilt.  Lots of smiles all around.  The quilt was hung up in our cafetorium for all grades K – 8 to see.  We enjoyed watching students stopping to see what the traveling quilt was all about.

Our class had another bonus this year in that Matt Failor a rookie Iditarod musher from Ohio took our school coin on his journey and Matt traveled the entire trail and then sent our coin back to our school.. SO we were forchante enough to have a traveling quilt and a traveling coin!  Mrs. Etter – Link




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