Quilt 4’s Visit to Michigan

10 04 2012
Quilt 4 visited Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd Grade Class at Wealthy Elementary at a very special time–during the middle of the Iditarod Race. Everyone was very excited to see the Quilt and admire the beautiful squares. After reading all of the messages, the class was most interested in doing something in response to its visit. What should we do? We brainstormed many ideas, but the most popular was to make a quilt of our own. But how?
The students decided they could make a quilt happen if they got help. Two volunteered to write an e mail to all of the parents asking for fabric and fabric markers so each child could decorate a square. They also asked for parents to volunteer to sew the quilt. Everyone made a design on a paper square first that showed how the Iditarod had effected them.
Then…….well, school got busy. It took a long time to get all of the supplies the children needed. Finally, in early June, each child created his/her final square on fabric. They were so beautiful. But how could we get it sewn into a real quilt in time? It wasn’t possible, at least not without it happening in the summer. The class decided to display their quilt squares anyway in a special “reusable” quilt made out of zip lock bags. We hope you enjoy a picture of it! The class was very proud of how it came out!
June 2012
An additional note from Mrs. Anderson:
We finished our year the way we started it–the Iditarod Way!
The Iditarod theme provided exactly what my students needed this year –a focus, a passion,and  a motivator to read, write, research, create, and work up to their potentials. Our final activity was taking a class picture in front of the quilt we made and “autographing” copies of the “Iditarod A to Z” ABC book that the class had authored together. They learned so, so much in Third Grade because their learning was tied to something real that excited and engaged them, the Iditarod.
More from Mrs. Anderson’s class:  (From the scrapbook that travels with the quilt)
Mrs. Anderson’s Third Grade Class loved having the quilt visit their room.  It arrived at a very special time.  Our teacher, Mrs. Anderson, was just getting back from Alaska the day we opened the box.  Mrs. Anderson was a finalist for the Iditarod 2013 Teacher on the Trail™.  She had to leave our class for a week and go to Anchorage for an interview, a teacher’s conference, and to volunteer behind the scenes.  She also got to see the Ceremonial Start and Official Restart.
The quilt has lots of inspiration that reminded us of what our teacher had to do to be a finalist.  She had to write page after page of information for her application.  She had to write lesson plans and create a power point presentation.  She wanted to give up along the way because it felt like she would never finish all the work of the application.  But she didn’t- she wanted us to be proud of her and to reach her goal.
We spread the quilt out on the classroom floor and read every single square.  Then we talked about what we could do as a class to remember the quilt’s visit.  We decided we would make a quilt too…..
Our quilt plan:  25 squares.  Each student makes one and decides what to put on it.  “We were going to work hard because we were inspired by our mushers to never give up.”



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