Quilt 4 Spends April in Texas

18 05 2012

Quilt 4 finished its amazing 2011 -2012 journey in Mrs. French’s 4th grade classroom in Houston, Texas.

We were very excited to be a part of the traveling quilt project this year! Receiving the quilt at the end of March was an added bonus to our Iditarod unit. After studying the quilt and enjoying the different pieces, we decided our lesson would tie the quilt project to the celebration of National Poetry Month in April. We chose the quilt piece titled, “Journey 2 Wonder, Pursue Your Dream” and proceeded to write poems about our dreams. The children in my class are all bilingual and this is their first year in an English speaking classroom.

I am very proud of their poems and hope you will enjoy some of the ones I shared. They truly enjoyed learning about Alaska and the challenges of the Iditarod race. My hope is they can follow their dreams, just as many of our favorite mushers follow theirs!

Our Dream Poems

by Mrs. French’s 4th graders

My dream is to go to Alaska

Feeling the cold wind below zero

The snow hitting my face

Seeing everyone in the Iditarod race!

Also, seeing all the wilderness

Going from city to city

To travel into Alaska

Would complete my dream….

 By Jairo


My dream is to be a pianist

I would dazzle the crowd

With my ecstatic talent.

I will never let my beloved dream go

It is so precious, like a blue diamond.

I will never let my dream break.

  By Daniela


My dream is to compete in the Iditarod.

Race for fun, and not to win

How I enjoyed following the race

I just want to feel the cold breeze

I want to spy all the cities

Being in the Iditarod race.

Snow flowing in my face

Would be really, really fun .

That is my dream,

To compete in the Iditarod race!

 By Kayla


How I wish to go to Disneyworld!

The games, characters, and food.

Going to Disneyworld would be

My dream come true!

 By Alexandra


My dream is to be a musician

Oh, that’s what I want to be

Why can’t you see?

Me playing the guitar

Is not very far than what I believe

To be a musician is my dream.

  By  Faith


My dream is to play basketball

Dribbling the ball

Trying to stay tall

Making hoops through all the game

Trying to be famous

Having all the fame!

 By Andrea


I love the Iditarod race

I love the place

I wish I could go there one day

So I can play

My dream is to go to the Iditarod…

 By  Jose Luis




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