Quilt 6 Visited North Carolina in April

18 05 2012

Quilt #6 visited Mt. Pleasant Middle School in April with three classes of sixth grade English students.

Displayed in the classroom, Quilt provided group work for three groups—one group designed and created a bar graph representing their class’ favorite quilt square, another group analyzed the quilt for similarities and differences and then created a Venn diagram to pictorially represent the findings, and the third group worked together to develop a rubric for a quilt square project. While the students were familiar with the tools they were using—bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and rubrics—the challenge took them to higher order thinking skills—applying, evaluating, analyzing, creating. The group developing a rubric found it especially challenging to describe the rubric’s criteria in an exact manner. Lots of thinking out loud and give and take was heard in that group. All of this, generated by pieces of fabric from schools around the country, stitched together.




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