Quilt 6 Inspires “New Quilt” in Maryland

12 06 2012

Quilt 6 Clear Spring Middle School

 Quilt 6 arrived with only about 2 weeks left of our school year. The 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Beck, took the quilt in and devised a plan for each of her 7th grade classes. The students had already studied the Arctic earlier in the year and also had touched briefly on the Iditarod.

Each of Mrs. Beck’s classes read biographies about the  2012 racers and also a story about Susan Butcher, which is in one of the Language Literature books. Students watched some videos about the 2012 race and read news clippings on the Iditarod website about the event. In addition, Mrs. Beck read from Winterdance, a book by Gary Paulsen about his experiences with the Iditarod and dog-sled racing.

The students were introduced to the quilt on the first day and also viewed the scrapbook. For the student contributions, each class was given a topic in which to make a new quilt. The kids were responsible for creating a square based on their topic. Some of the topics were: Maryland, The United States, Europe, The Arctic region,  etc.

Mrs. Beck worked on new quilt squares with the kids for about a week, and just before school’s end collected them to take home and assemble them over the  summer into new quilts, which we will auction off through the PTA . The proceeds will benefit our school next year.




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