Quilt 11…. Another Quilt is Added to the Project!

26 08 2012

Button?  Button?  Who has the button?

Quilt 11 has lots of buttons!

Each Iditarod Traveling Quilt is unique because each square of a quilt has been created by a teacher or a classroom.  The messages and images on the squares create an over all theme for that quilt.  Each quilt is also unique in color or design.

Along with the unique squares, Quilt 11 is the first button quilt that Terrie Hanke has designed for this project.

Quilt 11 will have a very busy school year, traveling to 8 different schools which are located in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Iowa, Massachusetts, California, and Michigan where teachers Wendt, Fenton, Metzgar, Divorky, Hoffman, Strangland, Bentson, Harakas, Malone, and Sherk will uncover curriculum and energize learning through the Iditarod Traveling Quilt!




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