From Germany to Nebraska, Quilt 10 Meets 4th Grade Students

23 10 2012

After starting the school year, Quilt 10 headed to Nebraska

The students were very excited to see the traveling quilt.

We used Pam Flowers’s two books Big-Enough Anna and Douggie, Sled Dog Hero to introduce the quilt and the Iditarod.  We read the books, followed where Pam explored and discussed lessons we can learn from her expeditions.

I adapted one of the worksheets from the website.  The quilt has the quote “The thrill is not just in the winning, but in having the courage to join the race” on it.  The students wrote what this means to each of them.  Some of their thoughts were:

“You don’t join the race to win, you join to have fun and to have the courage to do it”

“It does not mean you need to win, it means you do your hardest and have fun.”

“You’re more thrilled that you even did the race than winning the race.”

“It means it is not just about winning but to have courage in yourself.”

We hope you enjoy the quilt as much as we did.

Mrs. Andrews’s Fourth Grade     St. Mary’s, David City, Nebraska




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