Quilt 9 Visits Baltimore

25 10 2012

The Quilt in Baltimore, Maryland

We hosted the quilt for the Month of October!  We were so excited to open the box and were first taken with how wonderfully good the quilt smelled!  After we spent a lot of time sniffing the quilt, we used some other senses to examine it as well!  We loved doing the scavenger hunt activity – it made us look really closely at the pictures.  It was really neat for us to see the squares that taught us something about the states they were from.  We are currently learning about the fifty states, so that was a great tie in.  We also created a map showing where the quilt would be going on its travels which helped up review the states and the cardinal directions as we plotted its trip.

We talked about the meanings behind the squares and what they were trying to represent.  We wrote some journal entries about which squares we thought had the most meaningful messages.  Most of us were struck by the idea of importance of teamwork and being a leader.  We discovered that many of the lessons behind the quilt and the race are lessons that we can and should use in our everyday life!

Several boys completed applications to be “Official Tour Guides.”  These boys took the quilt on tour to interested classes in our Lower School.  Six classes total got to experience the quilt on its stop here at Gilman Lower School!  The first, second, and fourth graders really enjoyed looking at the quilt and learning about the Iditarod.  The fourth graders were really excited because many of them had learned about the race last year.

Before we mailed the quilt to its next stop in Illinois, we wrote a newsletter about the quilt’s visit to us to include in the scrapbook.

We are currently creating our own version of a traveling quilt for our classroom.  We are looking for themes or messages that are important to our classroom like the quilt featured themes important to the race.

We really enjoyed our time with the quilt and are anxious to read about the rest of its journey!




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