Quilt 4 Meets 4th and 5th Grade Students in North Carolina

28 10 2012

Quilt 4 in North Carolina by Martha Dobson

Quilt 4 in North CarolinaQuilt 4 traveled to Statesville, NC to visit 5th graders there. These students looped with their teacher from 4th to 5th grade, so they were already very familiar with the Iditarod because their teacher incorporates it throughout the entire school year, even extending it to the classroom management plan.

Since I was the 2011 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, I showed  a power point presentation about my Iditarod experience in 2011. Then, students observed Quilt and wrote a brief description of their favorite quilt square. Then they wrote a brief explanation of why that square was their favorite. These activities required observation skills, analysis skills, and synthesis skills.

After observing Quilt, I asked them to share what they noticed or liked about Quilt. One of the observations was a quote on Quilt which says Sunrise to Sunset  Keep Going. Then, students discussed the other squares which encouraged them to have good character, or to persevere, or to set goals.

Quilt 4 in North Carolina 2012The next activity I asked them to do was to set a goal for the year. This goal was to be in an area of difficulty for them, and they recorded this goal. Lastly, students began work on a quilt square they would like to make by sketching their design on paper. While they worked, they listened to Hobo Jim’s songs, Where Legends Are Born and The Iditarod Trail. This project can be continued in their classroom, finishing their squares either on fabric or paper. The paper quilt can be displayed on a wall, taping squares together at their edges to create the appearance of a quilt.




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