Quilt 10 Visits California and Students Create Their Own Quilts

30 03 2013

We enjoyed having Traveling Quilt #10 with us here at Baker Elementary School! My students enjoyed listening to my experience in Alaska this summer and learning about the Iditarod. We completed the first Grid Work activity as a class and talked about all the different symbols included on the quilt. The students were pretty excited to see some of the musher signatures on the quilt too!


Since we had the quilt during the Iditarod, we used it as a culmination activity to talk about and conclude our Iditarod unit. We have been reading and learning about the Iditarod since January and of course I have been able to share so much with the students myself.


As a final project, my students created their own quilt square. Students did not have a chance to fully complete their squares befpre we sent the quilt off to the next school. They did finish them this past week. I included a few pictures of their squares in the binder scrapbook page even though they were not fully complete.


Thank you for this opportunity!




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