Visiting St. Columba School in Oxon Hill, MD

19 04 2013
During Quilt’s visit, she hung in the library for all to enjoy although it is the 5th grade who chooses a musher to track during the race. Those who had followed the Iditarod in the past commented on squares that reminded them of their experience. One teacher who is a former student rejoiced at seeing Martin Buser’s square as he had been “her musher” when she was in 5th grade.
The 5th grade in addition, used the scavenger hunt to explore the quilt in more detail. As they only visit the library once a week, we did not have a lot of time to investigate. However, squares they particularly liked were the “fur” of the musher’s mittens on the “pursue your dreams” square, the creative bootie square in the upper left corner with all the different fabrics that reminded them of the stars of the Alaskan flag, snow and the Northern lights , the “Flat Musher” square as they had read Flat Stanley in 3rd grade and “aspirations” – dreams– square in the lower right corner.
We hope the rest of the schools will enjoy Quilt #4 as well!
*The link above is a scavenger hunt that can be used with Quilt 4.



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