Spring Break for Quilt #4

25 04 2013


Quilt #4 arrived at Goodnoe Elementary School in Newtown, PA, during our Spring Break. After the break, the students of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth grade class opened the box, but they noticed that Quilt looked quite tired. It has been a long year!

The class decided to give Quilt a much-deserved break! Quilt lounged around our classroom on any spot he could find: the table, desks, kids’ shoulders, the computer table.

While Quilt was on break, the class prepared for their state tests and then took six days to complete their testing. They were inspired by Quilt’s relaxed disposition. He helped them stay calm and focus during these challenging days! In the meantime, the students learned a bit about the Iditarod, since many had never heard about the Iditarod before. When Mrs. Molishus taught in second grade she spent a lot of time integrating the Iditarod theme into her teaching. She is still new to fifth grade, and she is getting used to how things work in her new grade. Quilt helped her spread the word about the wonderful Iditarod.

image 2Fortunately, some of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth graders were also in her second grade class. They were very helpful in sharing information about the Iditarod. In fact, they also had experienced a quilt, Quilt 3, when they were in second grade. Some of them even helped design a square that was used on a new quilt! It was great reminiscing about second grade and Iditarods of the past.

We hope you enjoy Quilt 4. He is well rested and ready for future adventures! Enjoy!




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