Quilt #2 Visits O-H…I-O!

27 11 2013

Quilt #2Quilt #2 started off the school year with students at Willard High School in Willard, Ohio. The students wrote descriptive paragraphs based on the quilt squares.  Each student was required to use at least four adjectives to describe their square. Then they tried to guess which square was being described.  One of their favorite squares was the Raz-Ma-Taz square with the beautiful, furry husky.

After spending a week with the students at WHS, the quilt took a short trip to visit Mansfield, Ohio and Mrs. Overholt at Malabar Intermediate School. She spent some time this summer at the Iditarod Summer Teacher Camp.  She was excited about sharing the quilt with her classroom and discussing all the amazing things she was able to experience this summer in Alaska.  The quilt’s next stop will be Crestview Elementary in Crestline, OH.

Quilt #2Quilt #2 will visit four different schools in Ohio before traveling to Holland, Pennsylvania.  Then, it is off to Minnesota and Massachusetts!  We look forward to seeing all the places the quilt will visit and reading all about its adventures! Safe travels Quilt #2!




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