Welcome to the Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project

10 07 2014

This year, more than 20  Iditarod Quilts will be on the ‘trail’ to schools around the United States. 

Quilts will be sent out to participating schools starting in October.

Participating classrooms will host a quilt for about 3 weeks before sending the quilt to the next school.

Participating teachers – classrooms must agree to:

  • Follow the schedule and send to the next school by priority mail.
  • Send djohnson@Iditarod.com a brief article to be posted on this site so quilt stories can be shared around the world.

Review the journey of each quilt to find out where some of the quilts have traveled by using the menu on the side of this page or by scrolling through this page.

We’ll be adding additional stories from teachers over the next month, so check back often.




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