Visiting St. Columba School in Oxon Hill, MD

19 04 2013
During Quilt’s visit, she hung in the library for all to enjoy although it is the 5th grade who chooses a musher to track during the race. Those who had followed the Iditarod in the past commented on squares that reminded them of their experience. One teacher who is a former student rejoiced at seeing Martin Buser’s square as he had been “her musher” when she was in 5th grade.
The 5th grade in addition, used the scavenger hunt to explore the quilt in more detail. As they only visit the library once a week, we did not have a lot of time to investigate. However, squares they particularly liked were the “fur” of the musher’s mittens on the “pursue your dreams” square, the creative bootie square in the upper left corner with all the different fabrics that reminded them of the stars of the Alaskan flag, snow and the Northern lights , the “Flat Musher” square as they had read Flat Stanley in 3rd grade and “aspirations” – dreams– square in the lower right corner.
We hope the rest of the schools will enjoy Quilt #4 as well!
*The link above is a scavenger hunt that can be used with Quilt 4.

Quilt One: Spending October in California Was Awesome!

7 12 2011

My class received the quilt second on its journey around some of the western states in the US. The quilt arrived in October to Stevens Creek Elementary School, which is located in the city of Cupertino.  My class was thrilled, since they were the first ever class at the school to receive the quilt.

While the quilt was here, my class read the book Balto together. Balto is a true story about the 1925 Diphtheria epidemic that hit Nome, Alaska.  The Iditarod Trail follows the route the sled dogs took to bring medicine to the town. I’ve read the book before with previous classes, but having the quilt added to the fun.  The character traits that a musher and the dogs
need to run along the trail were on the quilt, so we used them quite a lot. Along with Balto, I read the book Granite, another true story about a musher and her lead dog, Granite.  Granite over comes many obstacles to become a
great lead dog that leads the team to victory a couple of times.  After pointing out the Character Traits on the quilt and comparing them to the traits Granite possess, we made an Acrostic Poem with the word Iditarod. The students had to come up with words that describe traits that a sled dog needs in order to race.

For Math, I divided the quilt into coordinates.  I came up with a list of questions about quilt.  The students had to write down the coordinates of the square being asked about.  We had fun with that.

We were very sad to see the quilt go, but now they look forward to seeing the quilt arrive next year.  Hopefully, it will be the one where our square we created is added too.

Click here to view the quilt coordinates activity.

Follow this link to view images from the classroom.

Carolyn Tammel (Room 5 Stevens Creek Elementary)

Quilt 6 Inspires Students to Help Raise Money!

18 11 2011

Students and the Quilt They Made –  The Quilt was auctioned of at a school fund raiser!  Congratulations, Students!

This just in: Students Create Quilt for School Fund Raiser!

We were the first school that quilt 6 visited this year, and I just wanted you to know what an impact it has made!  We created our own quilt with pictures of dogs that we love.  We put it up for auction at our soup supper.  It was in a basket with other things donated by students from my class.  The quilt was, however, the prized object in the collection.  We had our soup supper today and our basket, featuring our quilt, brought $360!  I attached a picture of our completed quilt with my class.  Thanks so much for inspiring us!

Linda Maly – St. John Nepomucene School

We say:  Congratulations!  What an awesome quilt and a  wonderful way to contribute to your school community!

Lesson Idea for Quilt 4

16 11 2011

This just in! Try this Tic Tac Toe Game! Click here!

I made a tic tac toe board for my students to use with the quilt.  It worked better (was more focused) than the scavenger hunt for 3rd grade.


Thanks, Wanda! This is a great idea!  We celebrate the creativity of the teachers who are involved in this project!  Thanks for sharing this idea!  Perhaps teachers with the ‘other quilts’ will create something similar!

*Attention teachers scheduled for Quilt 4, Wanda has included a copy of this in the classroom materials packet included with the quilt.   Enjoy the activity!

Quilt 5 Visits Illinois

15 11 2011

What an amazing journey!! Mrs. Hendry’s fourth grade class in Sullivan, Illinois finished a reading unit about JOURNEYS  just in time to receive our Iditarod traveling quilt.  We dissected and discussed the quilt squares focusing on how we could incorporate the ideas into our own lives.  Students enjoyed using the quilt in cross-curricular activities from reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Students focused a writing assignment on the traits of the Iditarod, which were found on the website. They had to choose one of the eight traits and write a persuasive essay on why it was the most important trait for an Iditarod team to possess.

Our class uses an “I’m all through, now what do we do?” poster. This month one of the activities was to create a poem about the Iditarod. Several students really got into this activity and we shared them on a classroom bulletin board.

Another fourth grade class created postage stamps featuring a scene from the story “Akiak.” On the back of their stamps they wrote details describing the scene and wrote why they chose that particular picture.  Even our GTE class got involved and read stories about the Iditarod and had group discussions about the quilt.

They journey we took to learn all about the quilt and the traits is one that will not be soon forgotten. Thank you to everyone who makes this program available for our students!!

Mrs. Hendry

View a PowerPoint Presentation from Mrs. Hendry.

8-Traits of the Iditarod





Team Work




Who and where will Quilt #5 visit this year?

Map Skills Lesson


Quilt’s Home-Alexandria, NH

Our School-Sullivan, IL

New Baden Elementary- New Baden, IL

Palmyra Elementary -Palmyra, WI

Mrs. Gladue-Dunseith, ND

Pine Meadow Elementary-Sartell, MN

Glenfield Elementary- Glenfield, NY

Arthur S. May Elementary-Poughkeepsie, NY

Quilt 6: October Update

23 10 2011

Quilt 6Quilt 6 traveled from Nebraska to Wisconsin.

What a wonderful month of learning for the students!

“Quilt 6 has been enjoying the company of 3rd graders at Pleasant View Elementary in Pine River, Wisconsin.

The kids were very surprised and excited to be a part of a very special project. When the quilt first arrived, the meaning of the quilt square titled “What’s Your Iditarod?” was a little confusing, but it makes more sense to us now.  One student exclaimed that math facts are her Iditarod right now, as she is working very hard to master her facts!”

Exactly!  The students understand that everyone has ‘their own Iditarod!”  The students in this classroom are on their way to accomplishing their goals!

Click here to read all about the adventures of Quilt 6!