Quilt 1 Heads to OKlahoma to Start the 2013 – 2014 School Year

31 07 2013

quilt1Today, Quilt 1 left in a flat rate box, headed to Oklahoma and to meet up with Susan Smith, a finalist for the 2014 ExxonMobil Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™.  Susan will be the host for Quilt 1, ensuring that Quilt 1 has an incredible journey this school year.  Quilt will spend August and most of September with Susan, before heading out to meet other teachers and students during the upcoming school year.

During the 2013 – 2014 school year, Quilt 1 will spend the first month of school in Oklahoma and then head off to Nebraska.  From there, quilt will travel to:  Michigan, Ohio, back to Oklahoma, New Jersey, back to Susan in Oklahoma for a review, and then back to home base in South Dakota.  Quilt 1 will have a great adventure this year, reaching hundreds of students during the multi-state journey.

Check back each month and follow Quilt 1 and the other quilts!



Eustace Primary School in Texas Meets Quilt 1

1 11 2012

Thank you so much for allowing Eustace Primary School to be a part of such a wonderful project.  We enjoyed having the quilt at our school and did several activities with the quilt including a noun search.  The students were very sad to see the quilt leave.  Hopefully, we can get back on the list for next year and receive another quilt to enjoy.

Kim and Students


Quilt 1 in Washington

18 05 2012

A message from Richland, Washington, and Ms. Ufford’s classroom.

We used the quilt to help students understand theme and message.  Many of the messages on the quilt had a deeper, thoughtful meaning.  We had a lot of discussion as to what they meant.  This was a great introduction to how stories have a theme or message and tied nicely into my curriculum.

Quilt 1 Visits Arizona

4 01 2012

November Update:

The Iditarod quilt hung in my classroom for 2 weeks at Desert Shadows in Scottsdale, AZ.   My middle school students were curious about the quilt, and what it symbolized.  I read a story and showed youtube clips about the Iditarod, to familiarize my students with the event.   Some of them had heard of the event, and the story of the dog, Balto, and for others, this was all new information. Students thought the sled dogs were very brave and beautiful.  We have no snow here in the Phoenix area, so I think some of the students had difficulty identifying with a long dog sled race in Alaska.  I told them the race is run to remember an historical event which occurred in the 1920’s.

We will be following more current events this quarter, and we will be sure to find out what is happening with the Iditarod race in 2012.

Ms. Mueller

Quilt One: Spending October in California Was Awesome!

7 12 2011

My class received the quilt second on its journey around some of the western states in the US. The quilt arrived in October to Stevens Creek Elementary School, which is located in the city of Cupertino.  My class was thrilled, since they were the first ever class at the school to receive the quilt.

While the quilt was here, my class read the book Balto together. Balto is a true story about the 1925 Diphtheria epidemic that hit Nome, Alaska.  The Iditarod Trail follows the route the sled dogs took to bring medicine to the town. I’ve read the book before with previous classes, but having the quilt added to the fun.  The character traits that a musher and the dogs
need to run along the trail were on the quilt, so we used them quite a lot. Along with Balto, I read the book Granite, another true story about a musher and her lead dog, Granite.  Granite over comes many obstacles to become a
great lead dog that leads the team to victory a couple of times.  After pointing out the Character Traits on the quilt and comparing them to the traits Granite possess, we made an Acrostic Poem with the word Iditarod. The students had to come up with words that describe traits that a sled dog needs in order to race.

For Math, I divided the quilt into coordinates.  I came up with a list of questions about quilt.  The students had to write down the coordinates of the square being asked about.  We had fun with that.

We were very sad to see the quilt go, but now they look forward to seeing the quilt arrive next year.  Hopefully, it will be the one where our square we created is added too.

Click here to view the quilt coordinates activity.

Follow this link to view images from the classroom.

Carolyn Tammel (Room 5 Stevens Creek Elementary)

Quilt 1 Visits California: September Update

28 10 2011

Quilt 1 started the school year off by traveling from South Dakota to California to meet 4th grade students and their teacher, Ms. Dekker.  Their teacher wanted to introduce the students to the quilt right away at the start of school because the students were going to read the story, Akiak.

Ms. Dekker wanted us to be sure to know that having the quilt visit the students and spend time at the school was a great way to start the school year!

Ms. Dekker says:

The 4th grade students of Coolidge school in San Gabriel, CA really enjoyed being able to interact with quilt #1. 

They liked answering the trivia question sheet that encouraged them to analyze and think about the attributes of each square.  We especially enjoyed seeing Gary Paulsen’s signature and simile that he had written.  What a treat! 

The students were impressed with the artwork on the quilt as well.  When we were finished with the quilt, we took some pictures, including one large group picture with the whole class at our playground structure.Thank you for making the quilt available to us!

Coolidge school, 4th grade, Ms. Dekker’s class

Traveling Quilt Update!

8 09 2011

It’s finished!  Quilt 9 is now an official Iditarod quilt and ready to be boxed up and mailed to the first quilt on quilt’s schedule.

Terrie Hanke, 2006 Teacher on the Trail™, Iditarod Educational Consultant, Education Committee Member, and race volunteer, completed Quilt 9’s construction this week and has readied the quilt for the year long journey!  That means, Quilt 9 is boxed up and ready to be  mailed!  A big thanks goes out to Terrie for her assistance with this project.

Terrie reports that the quilt will be sent this week to the first school on the schedule.

Quilt 9, may you have an incredible journey this year and for many years to come!

Quilt 1 has arrived in California.

Quilt 2 is boxed up and ready to be mailed.  Quilt 2 is scheduled to begin touring schools in October but it will be arriving at it’s first scheduled stop, a school in New York, very soon.

Quilt 3 is regrettably still missing.

Quilt 4 is boxed up and ready to be mailed to Texas.  This quilt begins it’s official journey in October.

Quilt 5 is in New Hampshire and is enjoying time with K9 Journalist, Gypsy.  Quilt 5 will be visiting schools before being mailed to the next school.

Quilt 6 has arrived in Nebraska and is enjoying it’s visit at a wonderful school!

Quilt 7 begins it’s journey in October.  It is boxed up and ready to be mailed!

Quilt 8 is in Idaho with Retta.

Quilt 9, as noted above, is soon on it’s way to begin  the year’s journey.

The 2011 – 2012 school year promises to be the best Iditarod Traveling Quilt season ever!  Stay tuned for the adventures of the Iditarod Traveling Quilts!

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