Quilt 10 Visits California and Students Create Their Own Quilts

30 03 2013

We enjoyed having Traveling Quilt #10 with us here at Baker Elementary School! My students enjoyed listening to my experience in Alaska this summer and learning about the Iditarod. We completed the first Grid Work activity as a class and talked about all the different symbols included on the quilt. The students were pretty excited to see some of the musher signatures on the quilt too!


Since we had the quilt during the Iditarod, we used it as a culmination activity to talk about and conclude our Iditarod unit. We have been reading and learning about the Iditarod since January and of course I have been able to share so much with the students myself.


As a final project, my students created their own quilt square. Students did not have a chance to fully complete their squares befpre we sent the quilt off to the next school. They did finish them this past week. I included a few pictures of their squares in the binder scrapbook page even though they were not fully complete.


Thank you for this opportunity!


Students Meet Quilt 10– A Quilt They Helped to Create

25 02 2013

The students from St. John Nepomucene School in Weston, Nebraska gathered to see the quilt that was created using the square they submitted last year.  There was much excitement as they studied all of the squares finding a home with theirs in Quilt 10.  The quilt arrived at our school on a day when parents were visiting our school.  So, Quilt 10 was on display for all of the families to see.  The students are looking forward to the upcoming Iditarod.  Mrs. Maly ordered lots of books, so we’ve been reading about how both people and dogs prepare for the race.  We’re picking our favorite mushers to cheer on, too!  We’re sad to see Quilt 10 go, but are so proud that a part of us gets to travel throughout the world!Quilt 10a





From Germany to Nebraska, Quilt 10 Meets 4th Grade Students

23 10 2012

After starting the school year, Quilt 10 headed to Nebraska

The students were very excited to see the traveling quilt.

We used Pam Flowers’s two books Big-Enough Anna and Douggie, Sled Dog Hero to introduce the quilt and the Iditarod.  We read the books, followed where Pam explored and discussed lessons we can learn from her expeditions.

I adapted one of the worksheets from the website.  The quilt has the quote “The thrill is not just in the winning, but in having the courage to join the race” on it.  The students wrote what this means to each of them.  Some of their thoughts were:

“You don’t join the race to win, you join to have fun and to have the courage to do it”

“It does not mean you need to win, it means you do your hardest and have fun.”

“You’re more thrilled that you even did the race than winning the race.”

“It means it is not just about winning but to have courage in yourself.”

We hope you enjoy the quilt as much as we did.

Mrs. Andrews’s Fourth Grade     St. Mary’s, David City, Nebraska

Quilt 10 is Bound for Germany!

26 08 2012
This is going to Germany?  I've always wanted to go to Germany. Is there a bigger box?

“This is going to Germany? I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. Is there a bigger box?”
Sorry, BJ!We can’t let you go with because it is against postal regulations!

This package is headed for the classroom of Louise Thompson.  Louise attended the 2012 Summer Camp for Teachers and created one of the squares for this quilt.  Stay tuned!  We’ll let you know when the quilt arrives!

What do you think Quilt is going to do while in Germany?


3 New Quilts Join the Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project!

26 08 2012

The sewing has been completed!  Terrie Hanke and her cat, Blue Jeans have successfully finished creating 3 quilts that will be added to the Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project.

A big thanks to Terrie  (and BJ) for each stitch.  From these stitches and the squares that are now three Iditarod Traveling Quilts, students will strengthen their skills in math, science, social studies, language arts, and other content areas!   Participating schools will be working in partnership with each other, to share the learning by contributing to this website.

The schedule for 12 quilts is being finalized for the 2012 – 2013 Iditarod Traveling Quilt project.  This project first began in 2006 and continues to be a project that engages classrooms around the world!

It won’t be long now!  Soon packages will be arriving in schools and teachers will be ‘covering’ an exciting school project!  The quilts will visit nearly 100 schools this year!  Stay tuned!  We’ll be bringing updates all year long!

Iditarod Traveling Quilt 10 is Born in Wisconsin

26 08 2012

Quilt 10, other wise known as the ‘Wolf Quilt” has every stitch in line and is set to head out on a journey to classrooms not just in the United States, but also to Europe!

Quilt 10 was sewn by Terrie Hanke.  Each square was created by a teacher who attended the 2012 Summer Camp for Teachers or a classroom that participated in the Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project last year.

Quilt will travel first to Germany and then all the way to Nebraska to visit Ms. Andrews.  From there, Quilt will travel to Ohio to see Mrs. Wyckoff, Texas to visit with Mrs. Hart, and Georgia to be spend time with Ms. Fitts and Ms. Ackermann.  Next, Quilt will head back to Nebraska to spend February with Ms. Maly’s students before spending the 2013 Iditarod with Ms. Bentson who teaches in California.  Towards the end of March, Quilt will head to New York to celebrate the end of the race with Ms. Alix before ending the school year with Mrs. Lee in Maine!

What an incredible jouney Quilt will have this year!

Get out your maps!  Get ready to trace the journey of this quilt and the other quilts!

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