Spring Break for Quilt #4

25 04 2013


Quilt #4 arrived at Goodnoe Elementary School in Newtown, PA, during our Spring Break. After the break, the students of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth grade class opened the box, but they noticed that Quilt looked quite tired. It has been a long year!

The class decided to give Quilt a much-deserved break! Quilt lounged around our classroom on any spot he could find: the table, desks, kids’ shoulders, the computer table.

While Quilt was on break, the class prepared for their state tests and then took six days to complete their testing. They were inspired by Quilt’s relaxed disposition. He helped them stay calm and focus during these challenging days! In the meantime, the students learned a bit about the Iditarod, since many had never heard about the Iditarod before. When Mrs. Molishus taught in second grade she spent a lot of time integrating the Iditarod theme into her teaching. She is still new to fifth grade, and she is getting used to how things work in her new grade. Quilt helped her spread the word about the wonderful Iditarod.

image 2Fortunately, some of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth graders were also in her second grade class. They were very helpful in sharing information about the Iditarod. In fact, they also had experienced a quilt, Quilt 3, when they were in second grade. Some of them even helped design a square that was used on a new quilt! It was great reminiscing about second grade and Iditarods of the past.

We hope you enjoy Quilt 4. He is well rested and ready for future adventures! Enjoy!


Visiting St. Columba School in Oxon Hill, MD

19 04 2013
During Quilt’s visit, she hung in the library for all to enjoy although it is the 5th grade who chooses a musher to track during the race. Those who had followed the Iditarod in the past commented on squares that reminded them of their experience. One teacher who is a former student rejoiced at seeing Martin Buser’s square as he had been “her musher” when she was in 5th grade.
The 5th grade in addition, used the scavenger hunt to explore the quilt in more detail. As they only visit the library once a week, we did not have a lot of time to investigate. However, squares they particularly liked were the “fur” of the musher’s mittens on the “pursue your dreams” square, the creative bootie square in the upper left corner with all the different fabrics that reminded them of the stars of the Alaskan flag, snow and the Northern lights , the “Flat Musher” square as they had read Flat Stanley in 3rd grade and “aspirations” – dreams– square in the lower right corner.
We hope the rest of the schools will enjoy Quilt #4 as well!
*The link above is a scavenger hunt that can be used with Quilt 4.

Quilt 4 Meets 4th and 5th Grade Students in North Carolina

28 10 2012

Quilt 4 in North Carolina by Martha Dobson

Quilt 4 in North CarolinaQuilt 4 traveled to Statesville, NC to visit 5th graders there. These students looped with their teacher from 4th to 5th grade, so they were already very familiar with the Iditarod because their teacher incorporates it throughout the entire school year, even extending it to the classroom management plan.

Since I was the 2011 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, I showed  a power point presentation about my Iditarod experience in 2011. Then, students observed Quilt and wrote a brief description of their favorite quilt square. Then they wrote a brief explanation of why that square was their favorite. These activities required observation skills, analysis skills, and synthesis skills.

After observing Quilt, I asked them to share what they noticed or liked about Quilt. One of the observations was a quote on Quilt which says Sunrise to Sunset  Keep Going. Then, students discussed the other squares which encouraged them to have good character, or to persevere, or to set goals.

Quilt 4 in North Carolina 2012The next activity I asked them to do was to set a goal for the year. This goal was to be in an area of difficulty for them, and they recorded this goal. Lastly, students began work on a quilt square they would like to make by sketching their design on paper. While they worked, they listened to Hobo Jim’s songs, Where Legends Are Born and The Iditarod Trail. This project can be continued in their classroom, finishing their squares either on fabric or paper. The paper quilt can be displayed on a wall, taping squares together at their edges to create the appearance of a quilt.

Quilt 4 Spends April in Texas

18 05 2012

Quilt 4 finished its amazing 2011 -2012 journey in Mrs. French’s 4th grade classroom in Houston, Texas.

We were very excited to be a part of the traveling quilt project this year! Receiving the quilt at the end of March was an added bonus to our Iditarod unit. After studying the quilt and enjoying the different pieces, we decided our lesson would tie the quilt project to the celebration of National Poetry Month in April. We chose the quilt piece titled, “Journey 2 Wonder, Pursue Your Dream” and proceeded to write poems about our dreams. The children in my class are all bilingual and this is their first year in an English speaking classroom.

I am very proud of their poems and hope you will enjoy some of the ones I shared. They truly enjoyed learning about Alaska and the challenges of the Iditarod race. My hope is they can follow their dreams, just as many of our favorite mushers follow theirs!

Our Dream Poems

by Mrs. French’s 4th graders

My dream is to go to Alaska

Feeling the cold wind below zero

The snow hitting my face

Seeing everyone in the Iditarod race!

Also, seeing all the wilderness

Going from city to city

To travel into Alaska

Would complete my dream….

 By Jairo


My dream is to be a pianist

I would dazzle the crowd

With my ecstatic talent.

I will never let my beloved dream go

It is so precious, like a blue diamond.

I will never let my dream break.

  By Daniela


My dream is to compete in the Iditarod.

Race for fun, and not to win

How I enjoyed following the race

I just want to feel the cold breeze

I want to spy all the cities

Being in the Iditarod race.

Snow flowing in my face

Would be really, really fun .

That is my dream,

To compete in the Iditarod race!

 By Kayla


How I wish to go to Disneyworld!

The games, characters, and food.

Going to Disneyworld would be

My dream come true!

 By Alexandra


My dream is to be a musician

Oh, that’s what I want to be

Why can’t you see?

Me playing the guitar

Is not very far than what I believe

To be a musician is my dream.

  By  Faith


My dream is to play basketball

Dribbling the ball

Trying to stay tall

Making hoops through all the game

Trying to be famous

Having all the fame!

 By Andrea


I love the Iditarod race

I love the place

I wish I could go there one day

So I can play

My dream is to go to the Iditarod…

 By  Jose Luis

Quilt 4’s Visit to Michigan

10 04 2012
Quilt 4 visited Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd Grade Class at Wealthy Elementary at a very special time–during the middle of the Iditarod Race. Everyone was very excited to see the Quilt and admire the beautiful squares. After reading all of the messages, the class was most interested in doing something in response to its visit. What should we do? We brainstormed many ideas, but the most popular was to make a quilt of our own. But how?
The students decided they could make a quilt happen if they got help. Two volunteered to write an e mail to all of the parents asking for fabric and fabric markers so each child could decorate a square. They also asked for parents to volunteer to sew the quilt. Everyone made a design on a paper square first that showed how the Iditarod had effected them.
Then…….well, school got busy. It took a long time to get all of the supplies the children needed. Finally, in early June, each child created his/her final square on fabric. They were so beautiful. But how could we get it sewn into a real quilt in time? It wasn’t possible, at least not without it happening in the summer. The class decided to display their quilt squares anyway in a special “reusable” quilt made out of zip lock bags. We hope you enjoy a picture of it! The class was very proud of how it came out!
June 2012
An additional note from Mrs. Anderson:
We finished our year the way we started it–the Iditarod Way!
The Iditarod theme provided exactly what my students needed this year –a focus, a passion,and  a motivator to read, write, research, create, and work up to their potentials. Our final activity was taking a class picture in front of the quilt we made and “autographing” copies of the “Iditarod A to Z” ABC book that the class had authored together. They learned so, so much in Third Grade because their learning was tied to something real that excited and engaged them, the Iditarod.
More from Mrs. Anderson’s class:  (From the scrapbook that travels with the quilt)
Mrs. Anderson’s Third Grade Class loved having the quilt visit their room.  It arrived at a very special time.  Our teacher, Mrs. Anderson, was just getting back from Alaska the day we opened the box.  Mrs. Anderson was a finalist for the Iditarod 2013 Teacher on the Trail™.  She had to leave our class for a week and go to Anchorage for an interview, a teacher’s conference, and to volunteer behind the scenes.  She also got to see the Ceremonial Start and Official Restart.
The quilt has lots of inspiration that reminded us of what our teacher had to do to be a finalist.  She had to write page after page of information for her application.  She had to write lesson plans and create a power point presentation.  She wanted to give up along the way because it felt like she would never finish all the work of the application.  But she didn’t- she wanted us to be proud of her and to reach her goal.
We spread the quilt out on the classroom floor and read every single square.  Then we talked about what we could do as a class to remember the quilt’s visit.  We decided we would make a quilt too…..
Our quilt plan:  25 squares.  Each student makes one and decides what to put on it.  “We were going to work hard because we were inspired by our mushers to never give up.”

Quilt 4 Visits Maine

25 03 2012

Quilt 4 Visits Maine and met Neda Lepper’s students.

Grades 3 and 4

Brooksville Elementary School
Brooksville, Maine

Click the image to the left to view a larger image and read about Quilt’s visit.

Quilt 4 in Texas . . .

4 01 2012

We really enjoyed talking about the Quilt  in my class and with classes of 5th graders who came by to see it.

I will be starting my unit Jan.3 and I will let you know what we do. It’s still in the making.

Ms. Meyer

Click here to view the Kinkaid quilt tic tac toe project.