Quilt 5 Spends Iditarod in New York

17 05 2012

In March, Quilt #5 visited Arthur S. May Elementary in Poughkeepsie, NY.  We were so excited to host the quilt during the Iditarod!  Every year, our school has a school-wide reading program called P.A.R.P. (Parents As Reading Partners).  This year, the theme was Idit-A-Read.

We hung the quilt in the library for the entire school to see.  Prizes were given for students who read for the required amount of minutes.  The prizes were dog book marks, paw prints, and other Iditarod goodies.  We had such a fun time hosting.

Thank you!

Judy McGuire



Quilt 5 Visits North Dakota

22 01 2012

We were very excited about having the Quilt at our school.  The square the second grade made two years ago was in the quilt, so it was a very special quilt.

Thanks for letting us enjoy it.
Irene Gladue
Dunseith Elementary School

Quilt 5 Enjoys Wisconsin!

6 01 2012

The Kindergarteners at Palmyra Elementary School loved the quilt.  We looked at each of the squares and talked about some of the vocabulary.  We talked about dog sledding and how the Iditarod began.  We can’t wait for the race to see how long it takes for the mushers and dogs to finish such a long journey.  We placed the Quilt in an hallway display case for others to see.  Many of the Iditarod books that we read, will read or just look at the beautiful pictures of Alaska were placed in the case.   We will make a quilt square sharing some of the Iditarod words we learned, like ‘mush’ and ‘whoa’.  We were sad to see the quilt go, but look forward to seeing next year’s quilt!

Mrs. Muth is inviting Nancy Russell, an amazing teacher and owner of Storm Kloud Kennel from Wisconsin/Colorado who loves to share her knowledge of the Iditarod, her artifacts from when her dogs raced, and her dogs too!  She brings an Alaskan Malamute and an Alaskan Husky and compares their adaptations for dog sledding and racing.  She usually brings a puppy or two to share with the students.  She also brings a full size sled and shows us how long the gang line is.  Students will get to dress up in the many layers of clothes needed to keep warm in the Alaskan weather.  Getting to see the actual drop bags and some of the supplies we might take on the Iditarod really helps us understand what dog sled racing is really about…..the dogs!

Quilt 5 Visits Travels to Illinois

28 11 2011

While visiting New Baden Elementary the students learned a lot.  We read the book Iditarod and made picture dictionaries to go with all the new vocabulary words we learned.  We also studied the state of Alaska and learned many new things. We  tracked the journey of the quilt throughout the United States.

Ms. Becker

Quilt 5 Visits Illinois

15 11 2011

What an amazing journey!! Mrs. Hendry’s fourth grade class in Sullivan, Illinois finished a reading unit about JOURNEYS  just in time to receive our Iditarod traveling quilt.  We dissected and discussed the quilt squares focusing on how we could incorporate the ideas into our own lives.  Students enjoyed using the quilt in cross-curricular activities from reading, writing, science, and social studies.

Students focused a writing assignment on the traits of the Iditarod, which were found on the website. They had to choose one of the eight traits and write a persuasive essay on why it was the most important trait for an Iditarod team to possess.

Our class uses an “I’m all through, now what do we do?” poster. This month one of the activities was to create a poem about the Iditarod. Several students really got into this activity and we shared them on a classroom bulletin board.

Another fourth grade class created postage stamps featuring a scene from the story “Akiak.” On the back of their stamps they wrote details describing the scene and wrote why they chose that particular picture.  Even our GTE class got involved and read stories about the Iditarod and had group discussions about the quilt.

They journey we took to learn all about the quilt and the traits is one that will not be soon forgotten. Thank you to everyone who makes this program available for our students!!

Mrs. Hendry

View a PowerPoint Presentation from Mrs. Hendry.

8-Traits of the Iditarod





Team Work




Who and where will Quilt #5 visit this year?

Map Skills Lesson


Quilt’s Home-Alexandria, NH

Our School-Sullivan, IL

New Baden Elementary- New Baden, IL

Palmyra Elementary -Palmyra, WI

Mrs. Gladue-Dunseith, ND

Pine Meadow Elementary-Sartell, MN

Glenfield Elementary- Glenfield, NY

Arthur S. May Elementary-Poughkeepsie, NY

Traveling Quilt Update!

8 09 2011

It’s finished!  Quilt 9 is now an official Iditarod quilt and ready to be boxed up and mailed to the first quilt on quilt’s schedule.

Terrie Hanke, 2006 Teacher on the Trail™, Iditarod Educational Consultant, Education Committee Member, and race volunteer, completed Quilt 9’s construction this week and has readied the quilt for the year long journey!  That means, Quilt 9 is boxed up and ready to be  mailed!  A big thanks goes out to Terrie for her assistance with this project.

Terrie reports that the quilt will be sent this week to the first school on the schedule.

Quilt 9, may you have an incredible journey this year and for many years to come!

Quilt 1 has arrived in California.

Quilt 2 is boxed up and ready to be mailed.  Quilt 2 is scheduled to begin touring schools in October but it will be arriving at it’s first scheduled stop, a school in New York, very soon.

Quilt 3 is regrettably still missing.

Quilt 4 is boxed up and ready to be mailed to Texas.  This quilt begins it’s official journey in October.

Quilt 5 is in New Hampshire and is enjoying time with K9 Journalist, Gypsy.  Quilt 5 will be visiting schools before being mailed to the next school.

Quilt 6 has arrived in Nebraska and is enjoying it’s visit at a wonderful school!

Quilt 7 begins it’s journey in October.  It is boxed up and ready to be mailed!

Quilt 8 is in Idaho with Retta.

Quilt 9, as noted above, is soon on it’s way to begin  the year’s journey.

The 2011 – 2012 school year promises to be the best Iditarod Traveling Quilt season ever!  Stay tuned for the adventures of the Iditarod Traveling Quilts!

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Quilt 5

29 08 2011

Quilt 5 was sewn by Donna Finner with assistance from Gypsy, the K9 Journalist in 2010.  Gypsy shared information about the quilt at Zuma’s Paw Prints.

Quilt 5 will be traveling to the states of:  New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Updates will begin in October.