Curious Minds Spend Time With Quilt 6

16 02 2013

Iditarod Quilt 6

Some may wonder, what’s an Iditarod? An Iditarod is a dog sled race that takes place in Alaska were racers and their dogs compete, have fun, and show their power. The Iditarod requires much time and effort, but in the end, when crossed its finished line it is worth it because of the confidence and Iditarod power that is invoked.

Just like the Iditarod racers, this quilt travels many places. This quilt has been to Maryland, California, Connecticut, and many more places. Right now 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Rexing, has it at our school on display for everyone to enjoy.

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Quilt 6 Starts the School Year in California

11 10 2012

Mrs. Dekker loves to start the school year the Iditarod way!  Over the past several years, Mrs. Dekker has introduced an Iditarod Traveling Quilt to students during the first month of school and uses it with the book Akiak by Robert J. Blake.

Quilt 6 arrived at school and enjoyed spending time in the classroom and on the playground.

Quilt 6 Inspires “New Quilt” in Maryland

12 06 2012

Quilt 6 Clear Spring Middle School

 Quilt 6 arrived with only about 2 weeks left of our school year. The 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Beck, took the quilt in and devised a plan for each of her 7th grade classes. The students had already studied the Arctic earlier in the year and also had touched briefly on the Iditarod.

Each of Mrs. Beck’s classes read biographies about the  2012 racers and also a story about Susan Butcher, which is in one of the Language Literature books. Students watched some videos about the 2012 race and read news clippings on the Iditarod website about the event. In addition, Mrs. Beck read from Winterdance, a book by Gary Paulsen about his experiences with the Iditarod and dog-sled racing.

The students were introduced to the quilt on the first day and also viewed the scrapbook. For the student contributions, each class was given a topic in which to make a new quilt. The kids were responsible for creating a square based on their topic. Some of the topics were: Maryland, The United States, Europe, The Arctic region,  etc.

Mrs. Beck worked on new quilt squares with the kids for about a week, and just before school’s end collected them to take home and assemble them over the  summer into new quilts, which we will auction off through the PTA . The proceeds will benefit our school next year.

Quilt 6 Visited North Carolina in April

18 05 2012

Quilt #6 visited Mt. Pleasant Middle School in April with three classes of sixth grade English students.

Displayed in the classroom, Quilt provided group work for three groups—one group designed and created a bar graph representing their class’ favorite quilt square, another group analyzed the quilt for similarities and differences and then created a Venn diagram to pictorially represent the findings, and the third group worked together to develop a rubric for a quilt square project. While the students were familiar with the tools they were using—bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and rubrics—the challenge took them to higher order thinking skills—applying, evaluating, analyzing, creating. The group developing a rubric found it especially challenging to describe the rubric’s criteria in an exact manner. Lots of thinking out loud and give and take was heard in that group. All of this, generated by pieces of fabric from schools around the country, stitched together.

Quilt 6 Visits Minnesota

22 01 2012
Thanks again for the opportunity to share quilt #6 with my class! It was an awesome way to introduce the Iditarod.  .
We are planning on making a quilt square…
Thanks again!
Lori Stangland
3rd Grade Teacher

Quit 6: Spending time in Wisconsin!

2 01 2012

Quilt 6 enjoyed spending time in November and December, in Wisconsin…

From Wisconsin and Ms. Parker:  Thanks for including our class in this awesome project!

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Quilt 6 Inspires Students to Help Raise Money!

18 11 2011

Students and the Quilt They Made –  The Quilt was auctioned of at a school fund raiser!  Congratulations, Students!

This just in: Students Create Quilt for School Fund Raiser!

We were the first school that quilt 6 visited this year, and I just wanted you to know what an impact it has made!  We created our own quilt with pictures of dogs that we love.  We put it up for auction at our soup supper.  It was in a basket with other things donated by students from my class.  The quilt was, however, the prized object in the collection.  We had our soup supper today and our basket, featuring our quilt, brought $360!  I attached a picture of our completed quilt with my class.  Thanks so much for inspiring us!

Linda Maly – St. John Nepomucene School

We say:  Congratulations!  What an awesome quilt and a  wonderful way to contribute to your school community!