Traveling Quilt Update!

8 09 2011

It’s finished!  Quilt 9 is now an official Iditarod quilt and ready to be boxed up and mailed to the first quilt on quilt’s schedule.

Terrie Hanke, 2006 Teacher on the Trail™, Iditarod Educational Consultant, Education Committee Member, and race volunteer, completed Quilt 9’s construction this week and has readied the quilt for the year long journey!  That means, Quilt 9 is boxed up and ready to be  mailed!  A big thanks goes out to Terrie for her assistance with this project.

Terrie reports that the quilt will be sent this week to the first school on the schedule.

Quilt 9, may you have an incredible journey this year and for many years to come!

Quilt 1 has arrived in California.

Quilt 2 is boxed up and ready to be mailed.  Quilt 2 is scheduled to begin touring schools in October but it will be arriving at it’s first scheduled stop, a school in New York, very soon.

Quilt 3 is regrettably still missing.

Quilt 4 is boxed up and ready to be mailed to Texas.  This quilt begins it’s official journey in October.

Quilt 5 is in New Hampshire and is enjoying time with K9 Journalist, Gypsy.  Quilt 5 will be visiting schools before being mailed to the next school.

Quilt 6 has arrived in Nebraska and is enjoying it’s visit at a wonderful school!

Quilt 7 begins it’s journey in October.  It is boxed up and ready to be mailed!

Quilt 8 is in Idaho with Retta.

Quilt 9, as noted above, is soon on it’s way to begin  the year’s journey.

The 2011 – 2012 school year promises to be the best Iditarod Traveling Quilt season ever!  Stay tuned for the adventures of the Iditarod Traveling Quilts!

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Quilt 8

29 08 2011

The squares making up Quilt 8 were created by teachers who attended the 2011 Summer Camp for Teachers.  The quilt was sewn together by Summer Camp Teacher, Retta.

Updates will begin in October.

Quilt 9

29 08 2011

Quilt 9 was created by interested teachers and classrooms that followed the 2011 Traveling Quilt project.  The teachers  submitted quilt squares, sending them in the mail with a request to be a part of a future quilt.

Terrie Hanke, 2006 Teacher on the Trail™ and Iditarod Educational Consultant, sewed the quilt together in September, 2011.  Terrie lives in Wisconsin.  Terrie is a member of the Iditarod Education Committee and volunteers for the race each year.

Quilt 9 will visit the schools that submitted quilt squares.

Updates will begin in October.