Welcome to the Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project

10 07 2014

This year, more than 20  Iditarod Quilts will be on the ‘trail’ to schools around the United States. 

Quilts will be sent out to participating schools starting in October.

Participating classrooms will host a quilt for about 3 weeks before sending the quilt to the next school.

Participating teachers – classrooms must agree to:

  • Follow the schedule and send to the next school by priority mail.
  • Send djohnson@Iditarod.com a brief article to be posted on this site so quilt stories can be shared around the world.

Review the journey of each quilt to find out where some of the quilts have traveled by using the menu on the side of this page or by scrolling through this page.

We’ll be adding additional stories from teachers over the next month, so check back often.


Quilt 7 is in Aberdeen, South Dakota Preparing for the 2013 – 2014 School Year…

11 05 2013

DSCF8294Quilt 7 has successfully journeyed from school to school and has been returned to South Dakota, where Quilt will rest up and get ready to meet new students during the 2013 – 2014 school year.

In summary, to start the school year, Quilt 7 traveled to Canada to meet students at Garderie Bonne Adventure Preschool.  Following a trip to Canada, Quilt traveled to Michigan visiting 3 schools in October, November, and December.  In January, Quilt traveled to North Dakota and back to Wisconsin for two more school visits before returning to South Dakota for the summer.

During the year, students enjoyed meeting Quilt and participated in a variety of activities that their teachers chose to help students build skills listed in their curriculum.  Most of the classrooms submitted a page or two to the scrapbook that travels with Quilt.

Quilt 7 wants to thank all of the teaches and classrooms that were such wonderful hosts!

During the summer months, a new schedule will be created and in August, Quilt 7 will be packed carefully in a postal box and shipped off to follow a new journey.  If you are interested in hosting an Iditarod Traveling Quilt for the 2013 – 2014 school year, send an email and get on the list!

Quilt 7

Quilt 7

Quilt 7 Ends the School Year in Pine River, Wisconsin

10 05 2013

Please check back soon for an update.  Thanks!

Spring Break for Quilt #4

25 04 2013


Quilt #4 arrived at Goodnoe Elementary School in Newtown, PA, during our Spring Break. After the break, the students of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth grade class opened the box, but they noticed that Quilt looked quite tired. It has been a long year!

The class decided to give Quilt a much-deserved break! Quilt lounged around our classroom on any spot he could find: the table, desks, kids’ shoulders, the computer table.

While Quilt was on break, the class prepared for their state tests and then took six days to complete their testing. They were inspired by Quilt’s relaxed disposition. He helped them stay calm and focus during these challenging days! In the meantime, the students learned a bit about the Iditarod, since many had never heard about the Iditarod before. When Mrs. Molishus taught in second grade she spent a lot of time integrating the Iditarod theme into her teaching. She is still new to fifth grade, and she is getting used to how things work in her new grade. Quilt helped her spread the word about the wonderful Iditarod.

image 2Fortunately, some of Mrs. Molishus’ fifth graders were also in her second grade class. They were very helpful in sharing information about the Iditarod. In fact, they also had experienced a quilt, Quilt 3, when they were in second grade. Some of them even helped design a square that was used on a new quilt! It was great reminiscing about second grade and Iditarods of the past.

We hope you enjoy Quilt 4. He is well rested and ready for future adventures! Enjoy!

Visiting St. Columba School in Oxon Hill, MD

19 04 2013
During Quilt’s visit, she hung in the library for all to enjoy although it is the 5th grade who chooses a musher to track during the race. Those who had followed the Iditarod in the past commented on squares that reminded them of their experience. One teacher who is a former student rejoiced at seeing Martin Buser’s square as he had been “her musher” when she was in 5th grade.
The 5th grade in addition, used the scavenger hunt to explore the quilt in more detail. As they only visit the library once a week, we did not have a lot of time to investigate. However, squares they particularly liked were the “fur” of the musher’s mittens on the “pursue your dreams” square, the creative bootie square in the upper left corner with all the different fabrics that reminded them of the stars of the Alaskan flag, snow and the Northern lights , the “Flat Musher” square as they had read Flat Stanley in 3rd grade and “aspirations” – dreams– square in the lower right corner.
We hope the rest of the schools will enjoy Quilt #4 as well!
*The link above is a scavenger hunt that can be used with Quilt 4.

Quilt 10 Visits California and Students Create Their Own Quilts

30 03 2013

We enjoyed having Traveling Quilt #10 with us here at Baker Elementary School! My students enjoyed listening to my experience in Alaska this summer and learning about the Iditarod. We completed the first Grid Work activity as a class and talked about all the different symbols included on the quilt. The students were pretty excited to see some of the musher signatures on the quilt too!


Since we had the quilt during the Iditarod, we used it as a culmination activity to talk about and conclude our Iditarod unit. We have been reading and learning about the Iditarod since January and of course I have been able to share so much with the students myself.


As a final project, my students created their own quilt square. Students did not have a chance to fully complete their squares befpre we sent the quilt off to the next school. They did finish them this past week. I included a few pictures of their squares in the binder scrapbook page even though they were not fully complete.


Thank you for this opportunity!


Students Meet Quilt 10– A Quilt They Helped to Create

25 02 2013

The students from St. John Nepomucene School in Weston, Nebraska gathered to see the quilt that was created using the square they submitted last year.  There was much excitement as they studied all of the squares finding a home with theirs in Quilt 10.  The quilt arrived at our school on a day when parents were visiting our school.  So, Quilt 10 was on display for all of the families to see.  The students are looking forward to the upcoming Iditarod.  Mrs. Maly ordered lots of books, so we’ve been reading about how both people and dogs prepare for the race.  We’re picking our favorite mushers to cheer on, too!  We’re sad to see Quilt 10 go, but are so proud that a part of us gets to travel throughout the world!Quilt 10a