Common Thread

In 2007 – 2008, Jane Blaile, Target® Iditarod Teacher on the Trail created the Common Thread project.  Follow this link to learn about this project!

Designed by Jane Blaile

common-thread-quilt-006.jpg Educators around the world  ‘uncovered’ curriculum through their participation in the 2008 Target® Iditarod Teacher on the TrailTM project, “A Common Thread”.  Jane Blaile,  created this project to connect classrooms through an act of kindness, a “no strings attached gift”, a student made quilt, a project that share the lives of the quilt makers to the receiving school.

Students in participating schools created a quilt that was sent to an assigned school in Alaska. Each quilt was an incredible unique display of the local culture or a topic that was being studied by the quilt makers. Those who received the quilt gift had only one responsibility, to receive the gift.

View the project blog to see some of the quilts that were made by the teachers who registered for this project. Congratulations to participating schools who cared to share a colorful piece of their world with Alaska.  Thanks also to Jane Blaile for creating this project.




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