Quilt Journeys 2010 – 2011

7 Iditarod Traveling Quilts Journey to Classrooms Around the United States

Goal of the 2010 – 2011 Project:   7 different schools in the United States each month has the opportunity to meet a special classroom guest!  An Iditarod Traveling Quilt!

This article appeared on the website 10/26/2010.

Quilt 1


Gary Paulsen displays quilt 1.

Quilt 1 began this school year’s journey by postal mail  from South Dakota to Florida to visit a middle school.  In November it will attend a teacher conference in Orlando.  The host teachers will be presenting at a teacher conference, and Quilt 1 will be a special guest at the conference.  Cindy, one of the teachers hosting Quilt 1, was a teacher at Iditarod’s summer conference in 2005, the year the Iditarod Traveling Quilt project began.  Cindy’s square is among those on this first quilt.  It is only fitting that Quilt 1 begins the school year with Cindy and that Quilt 1 meet new teachers at a teacher conference in Florida.  Florida remains one of the 10 top states as far as the number of teachers/schools involved in Iditarod teaching projects.

From Florida, the quilt will travel to Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan, before heading to Alaska for the 2011 Summer Camp for Teachers.  These states are among the top 15 states that have teachers and schools involved in our Iditarod activities during the school year.

Check back next month to learn what Quilt 1 did in Florida and to learn about the teacher conference Quilt 1 attended with Cindy and her teaching friend.

Quilt 2

quilt-2-from-2009-2010-visit Quilt 2 flew from Aberdeen, South Dakota to Minneapolis where it “wandered around” the Minneapolis St. Paul airport, while tucked in carry on baggage, before flying to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend the 2011 Southwest Teacher Conference on October 15.  Quilt got to meet the teachers at the  conference and decided that the nearly 100 degree afternoon was plenty warm for a quilt!   At the conference, Quilt 2 enjoyed meeting teachers and decided to go ‘home’ with  Julie, a teacher from Arizona.    Julie  introduced the quilt to her anxious second grade students.  Next month, you’ll be able to read more about Quilt 2’s visit at schools in Arizona.

This school year, Quilt 2 will be traveling in Arizona and California throughout the school year.  Will a quilt survive the temperatures of that region of the United States?  It will be fun to read all about Quilt 2’s journey.  Quilt will return to South Dakota for the summer months.

During the 2009 - 2010 Quilt 3 visited students in the state of Washington.Quilt 3

During the 2009 – 2010 Quilt 3 visited students in the state of Washington.

In September, Quilt 3 traveled by postal mail to the host school in Wisconsin.  Tina, the host teacher, shared the quilt with students before sending quilt off for the year.  Quilt will return to Tina’s school about mid year.

Quilt 3 was sent to Montana to spend October in a kindergarten classroom.  Check back later to learn about Quilt’s visit and the exciting adventures Trevor’s young students experienced meeting the quilt.

From Montana, this quilt will travel to Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, back to Wisconsin, and then to the state of Washington, before arriving back in South Dakota sometime in June.

Quilt 4

Quilt 4This year, Quilt 4 will journey mostly within the state of Michigan but also visit Georgia, Florida, and Washington.  Quilt started September by being a ‘guest’ at the Iditarod Teacher’s Conference that was held in Curtis, Michigan.  Quilt was a passenger in the car, riding from Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where it stayed for one night.  Early the next morning, Quilt 4 was a passenger in the car on the drive from Eau Claire to Curtis, Michigan, where on the following day it visited the teachers at the conference.

From there, the quilt headed for Bay City, Michigan, with Joy, one of the teachers at the teacher conference.   Quilt was very excited to meet students and teachers at a school in that community.

Joy sent us this report summarizing Quilt 4’s adventures in Bay City.

Our class really enjoyed the quilt. They thought it was such a neat gift for me to bring back from the Teacher’s Conference in Curtis, MI. We discussed the variety of quilt squares. The students really enjoyed the encouraging sayings. We had some thoughtful discussions. Also, the students were interested in all the different locations of the teachers who attended the summer conference.

Each student has created a rough draft of a quilt square. When I get the material, we will make our squares (I will be adding 2 so we have 15 total). I have a grandmother who will sew the squares together for us and help with the backing. Then the class will do the finishing work and we will proudly display it in the school!!

The class gave a cheer when I announced I was mailing the quilt to Atlanta, GA. I told them I will announce each month where the quilt is headed and we will locate the new host on the classroom map and then follow on the web site what each classroom is doing with the quilt and other Iditarod ideas.


(Images are included in the Quilt 4 article below!)

Quilt 5:  A New Quilt Joins the Club!

Quilt 5Quilt 5

Quilt 5 was ‘born’ in New Hampshire this summer at the home of K9 Journalist, Gypsy and Donna Finner.  A big thank you goes out to them for working on the quilt.   You can read about this quilt at this website link. Gypsy, the K9 Journalist wrote an article about how the quilt was created.  It’s a great article!

Before returning to New Hampshire in the spring, Quilt 5 will travel in the states of New York, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Quilt’s first stop was with Kristen and her students in New York.  Here is the email Gypsy sent to Kristen and her students:

Hi boys and girls,
Gypsy here, I’ve worked really hard putting together the Iditarod traveling quilt 5.  It’s now ready to travel to your classroom and should be there either Friday or Monday.  Have fun with it.  Write me at Zuma Paw Prints and let me know what you have learned about the quilt and the Iditarod.

Here’s the report the teacher sent us after Quilt 5 was boxed and sent from Highland Park to the next school in Poughkeepsie.

The quilt arrived and placing a box unopened on the carpet seemed like a pretty normal idea for me. However, when the students entered the room and saw the box their imaginations started to run wild.  We took turns in our circle opening the box as this was a new adventure for most of our class.  We captured our opening party with lots of pictures. We looked at the large squares and compared this quilt to a quilt they had read about in their reading books.    The shapes on the quilt were great to practice our counting with big squares, little squares, rectangles and a lot of “great squares”.   We had a great time with the quilt and will be sad for it to leave us.

Happy Computing,


Quilt 6: Another New Quilt!

Iditarod Travel QuiltQuilt 6 was ‘born’ in the summer of 2010 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  (A BIG round of thanks goes out to Terrie Hanke,  2006 Teacher on the Trail™, Sanka W. Dog, and Terrie’s cats, for all the hard work in the creation of this quilt and the 7th quilt that you’ll read about next!)  It was created from quilt squares that were submitted by schools that followed the Iditarod Traveling Quilts last year and decided to send a quilt square so they could participate in the project and have a quilt visit their school.

If you are interested in submitting a quilt square for a future quilt, please email us for further information.

During this school year, Quilt 6 will travel to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, and Maryland.  It’s first stop was Pennsylvania.  Be sure to check back next month to learn all about Quilt 6’s adventures!

Quilt 7:  One More Joins the Trail!

Quilt 7, Created by Terrie HankeQuilt 7 was ‘born’ this summer in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  The squares were created by those attending the 2010 Iditarod Summer Camp for Teachers.  This quilt will travel to ‘home schools’ of the teachers who attended the Summer Camp.  Quilt started the school year off by traveling in the postal mail to North Carolina and the school of this year’s Target® Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, Martha Dobson.

Read about Quilt 7’s visit with Martha Dobson.

Quilt 7 will travel in North Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Montana, Texas, and Indiana before arriving in South Dakota for the summer months.


Over the school year, the 7 quilts set out on a journey, meeting students and teachers around the United States.   Classrooms were encouraged to send summary updates of their experiences with the quilts.

Summary Article

2010 – 2011 Iditarod Traveling Quilt Project:  A Review

Each year, Iditarod themed quilts travel to schools around the United States.  Each colorful  quilt contains quilt squares that are designed by teachers or students and provide images, poetry, or inspirational messages.  The quilts are used by teachers as an instructional tool to inspire students to read, write, think and reflect, or solve problems.
If you are interested in having an Iditarod Quilt visit your educational community, send your school contact information and phone number and your agreement to the following by clicking here.

1.       Follow the quilt’s schedule mailing the quilt by priority mail to the ‘next’ school on the schedule.

2.      Stay in email communications with the Iditarod Education Director and other teachers involved in the project to facilitate the safe journey and return of the quilt.

3.     Submit a short summary of ‘your time’ with the quilt for website articles about this project.

Enjoy this summary of the journey of the 2010 – 2011 Iditarod Traveling Quilts.

Quilt 1

This quilt was the first ‘born’ into the Iditarod Traveling Quilt project.  The inspirational quilt squares were designed by teachers at the 2005 Iditarod Summer Conference for Teachers.  Terrie Hanke, the 2006 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ sewed the quilt squares together and has been instrumental in creating quilts in following years.

During the 2010 – 2011 school year, Quilt 1 traveled in the states of Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and arrived in Alaska to visit Iditarod’s Summer Camp for Teachers.

October and November:  Florida: 

Because I was one of the contributors to this quilt, it was fun to receive it and use it both at school and at the NCTE National Conference in Orlando. I used the scavenger hunt with my seventh graders to explore the quilt. The activity engaged the students, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I think they also liked the added connection between their English teacher and the quilt. J The activity definitely provided an overview of the Iditarod and reinforced the connection to the traits for the learning trail we use throughout the school year.

Next, my colleague and I transported the quilt to the NCTE Conference in Orlando where we presented a workshop on using the Iditarod to engage students. The teachers who attended our workshop experienced a few checkpoints where they participated in cross-curricular activities related to the Iditarod. One checkpoint was the quilt and the scavenger hunt, and after the allotted time exploring the quilt, we discussed the quilt and the different ways it can be used in school. I’m confident we created interest in the Iditarod and its possibilities for classroom use, and the quilt was an integral part of the process.

We loved using the quilt and I  am definitely interested in using it in the future. Hopefully, you’ll get some new interest in the quilt and the Iditarod from English teachers after its debut at the conference. There was lots of enthusiasm.

Cindy Wray

December:  Florida

Quilt was enjoyed, a double-sided scrapbook page made and shipped on to Maine.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope to be part of the journey again in the future.

I used one of the blank quilt squares that was included  with the quilt and after doing the initial drawing had my class, my principal, assistant principal, and SRO sign it as well.  We were all very excited about the whole project.  The students had a blast with the scavenger hunt and marveled at all the wonderful things on Quilt.

Sabina Lyons

January:  Maine

The Iditarod quilt was the subject of much conversation and activity at Brooksville Elementary School!  Third and fourth grade students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the scavenger hunt included with the quilt materials.  Many geography questions were asked and answered as they investigated each square in their search to find answers.  Discovering names of favorite mushers and familiar states was a frequent topic of conversation.
The seventh and eighth grade students had a different approach to the quilt.  They spent time selecting squares as their favorites, with artwork, details, and quotes as reasons for choices.  Realizing that teachers around the country share their teacher’s passion for the Iditarod made an impression on them.
The quilt also visited a Brooksville to Alaska fundraising breakfast.  Many quilters and non-quilters admired the quilt, with Iditarod and Alaska fans searching for familiar details.  It was an awesome addition to the event and provided an opportunity to share with others the knowledge and skills that are woven seamlessly into exciting lessons through use of the Iditarod.

Nada Lepper
Brooksville Elementary School
Brooksville, Maine

February – March- April – and May


Jan. 31 (The quilt arrived and the teacher wrote us)

Traveling Quilt #1 has arrived.  We unveiled it with the help of our school principal.  The students were rather quiet at first but then I stepped away and the comments were flying!  They love it!!!  The are excited to see all the artwork and even famous signatures.  Questions about blue/brown eyes, Red Lanterns and vocabulary have popped up.  The scavenger hunt has created discussions around “Beyond Expectations” and more.

This is such a treasure and I’m so glad that my students can be a part of this experience.

Thank you so much for such an organized project.  The binders are helpful and take the guess work out of all of it!

Your efforts are to be commended.  Thank you!

Nancy Carroll

3 weeks later:

The kids were thrilled with the quilt – We hung it up and each day the kids would discover something new and share it with the class.
The quilt was a true highlight this year for our class.

I’d love to be on the list for next year.  I think next year I am going to start talking
about the Iditarod at the beginning of the year so that I can complete more activities.  It’s such a great tool.

Nancy Carroll


We enjoyed it immensely and were very sad to see it leave!

We had a FABULOUS time and the quilt was such a wonderful addition!  The kids were already excited about the unit (such a wonderful break from Algebra!) but when the quilt arrived you could just feel the excitement in the room.  They especially liked seeing their mushers’ names autographed on the quilt 🙂

We did a unit that was rich in technology, and the students used glogster.com to create online posters about their mushers. They blogged as if they were their mushers using some blogging software our district supports.  They also created Animoto videos (LOVE this software – so easy to use and free!) with selected photos of their mushers.  Most of the kids’ favorite part of the unit was the creative element – where they could create any product they wanted that demonstrated something they learned during the Iditarod unit.  One boy sculpted a dog’s head out of clay – amazing.  Some students created videos about rules of the race or songs about their mushers.  Several students cooked – one had a salmon recipe and one made bread from an Inuit bread recipe.  Two boys worked together and made a huge 3D relief map of the trail showing the elevations and checkpoints.  Oh the creativity!  We pulled all of that together using voicethread.com where the students could reflect on their units.  It was absolutely fantastic!

Thanks very much for the opportunity to host the quilt – if you have questions or would like additional voicethread links let me know – I just love teaching this unit and sharing the enthusiasm with my 8th graders!!

Mary Williams
8th Grade Algebra
Technology Mentor
Midlothian Middle School

Add PowerPoint

Examples of yearly projects:

* used Glogster to create an online poster about their musher, including info on the musher’s background, achievements and life outside of mushing
* used blogging software to write blogs from the perspective of their musher, including details about where they were in the race, if they’d dropped dogs, what mushers were near them, etc.
* created a word problem set in the Iditarod and used linear systems in Algebra to solve the problem (using PowerPoint to show the problem and solution)
* created a video using Animoto incorporating pictures they had found of their musher during the race
* included a “creative element” that really could be anything they wanted that demonstrated something they’d learned about the Iditarod/Algebra during the project. Some students made 3D models of sled, some wrote and performed rap songs, others created scrapbooks of their mushers and others painted
beautiful pictures of scenes from the race or of the dogs. They pulled all of these elements into VoiceThread and recorded comments about each aspect of the project – this was the best part as they were reflective about their process and what they could have improved upon or
done differently.

I paid for an Insider subscription along with the GPS tracker so I could show kids where the mushers were real time.  The snippets of videos and the tracking has really helped this project come to life!
This is a link to a past project we did:  http://ed.voicethread.com/#q.b1022271.i5449401

Thanks for all that you guys do to help us bring the Iditarod into the classroom =)

Mary Williams

8th Grade Algebra
Technology Mentor


The traveling quilt arrived at Hannah Crawford Elementary and the students stirred with excitement.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Ohio so we carried the quilt outside and showed it off in the warm sunlight.  The students were amazed at the overall size of the quilt and loved all the neat pictures on the quilt squares.  Earlier when the 2011 Iditarod was going on each student drew for a musher and then each student tracked the musher on their journey, we are Insider Members.  When the students saw that the mushers from the 2005 race had actually signed the quilt they were SO EXCITED!  They tried to find the signature of their musher or of one of their favorites.

We decided that the quilt was so unique that we needed to share it with the entire school.  Our building houses Pre – K through 8th graders.  So we took the quilt down to our cafetorium and hung it up for all to see and admire.  Every time we looked in the cafetorium someone was checking out the quilt!

We decided to make the quilt part of our writing process.  The students each selected a square on the quilt and made up a fun, crazy story to go with the picture.  The students wrote, edited and rewrote their story.  We are now in the process of typing them to have them ready to share with others.  It was awesome to see all the interesting stories and the tales they told.

We enjoyed the quilt and were grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with others….. the journey will continue in Michigan……

Joy Etterlink


Mrs. Anderson’s Third Grade Class from Wealthy Elementary School in East Grand Rapids Michigan enjoyed their visit from the quilt very much. They hung the quilt on a big wall in the hall outside of our room and enjoyed listening to the questions from other students passing by.

Together, the class read the many quotes on the quilt and examined the variety of pictures and signatures. It was fun to see autographs from mushers who did the race in 2005 and from artist Jon Van Zyle. The quilt showed many character traits we had learned about in a coloring book called, “Be Like the Dogs” given to our teacher by Ed and Tasha Stielstra a few years ago.

We decided to make our own quilt out of paper and poster board to save time.  Each student illustrated a picture and wrote a story of a time he or she used one of the traits from “Be Like the Dogs” (courage, perseverance, loyalty, etc.) The pictures became a beautiful quilt for our hallway. We were sad to see the traveling Iditarod Quilt leave, but so proud of the quilt we made and what it represented!

Mrs Anderson

Editor’s note:  Mrs. Anderson is an Iditarod Conference alumni and has participated in many Iditarod projects.





Quilt 2:

Quilt 2 was created by the teachers at the 2006 Summer Camp.  The quilt was sewn together by Carol add last name from Michigan.  Quilt spent the school year traveling in Arizona and California.  Quilt got a little off schedule.  A brief summary of quilt’s journey follows:


Quilt began it’s school tour by attending the Iditarod Arizona Teacher Workshop in Phoenix.  From the conference, it left with a teacher at the conference and spent the year bouncing between some of the schools represented at the conference.

November – May:  While in Arizona:

Second graders at Canyon Ridge School were very excited to welcome the Traveling Quilt! It was a fantastic way to introduce students to the Iditarod and hung proudly in our flex rooms for all to see. Students were amazed at how many different people helped make this quilt in so many different places across the United States. We used to quilt to write about travel and brainstorm what we think the Iditarod is. Students also went on a scavenger hunt to find different things within the quilt squares. We are already thinking about a quilt square we would like to make in the future. Thank you!

Julie  Spindler

While in California:

Our class truly enjoyed our time with the quilt.  When we first received the quilt we spread it out on the rug and gathered around it.  Our class looked at all of the different squares.  At first we noticed how all of the squares were different.  Each student had a chance to read a square.  After that, we talked about how each square represented a part of the Iditarod.  Another thing that we noticed was the various dates on the squares.  We then used math to figure out how old each square was.  Our class found it fascinating that everything they learned about the Iditarod was represented on the quilt. Thank you for giving us this amazing experience.

Thank you,
Terry Van Leer
Longden Elementary

Quilt 3

This year, Quilt 3’s goal was to  travel in the states of Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington.  A summary follows.

While in Montana…

Quilt 3 visited Mr. Van Camp’s kindergarten classroom.

Thank you again for allowing Lincoln McKinley the opportunity to get a hand on and fun item.  This year students at the school were able to follow the Iditarod shortly after we forwarded the quilt to Colorado.  The students loved looking at the great artwork along with the terrific websites suggested in the literature.   Once again we at Lincoln McKinley feel privileged to be a part of something bigger then little Havre, Montana.


Trever VanCampen

While in Colorado…

My fourth grade class had a great time learning about the Iditarod and making up our new quilt squares.  We had several conversations on what the experience might be like.  The students really enjoyed it!  They each made a quilt on paper and then the class voted on the one they liked the best to represent our class.  The winner then recreated her square on the quilt pieces provided.  Their own squares are on display along with a picture of them with the quilt we had in class.

It has inspired other teachers to have their kiddos read a book and make the sequence into quilt squares themselves.

Thanks so much!!

Rhonda Ball

While in Oklahoma

 Quilt arrived safe and sound and students enjoyed meeting quilt. 

Students created a quilt square for a future Iditarod quilt.

Quilt next went to Texas.  Sadly, after arriving in Texas at a school, Quilt soon went  missing.  The teacher who had it last stated she mailed it to the next teacher on the list, who says she didn’t received the quilt.  Quilt has been missing since March, 2011 and will be missed greatly, but remembered always as a great Quilt.

IF you have seen this quilt, please help return it to our department.

Quilt 4

Quilt 4 traveled to Michigan, Georgia, Minnesota, Washington, and Indiana before returning to home base in South Dakota.  Quilt’s first stop was the Michigan Iditarod Teacher’s Conference.  (LINK TO conference.)

Starting in Michigan…

Our class really enjoyed the quilt. They thought it was such a neat gift for me to bring back from the Teacher’s Conference in Curtis, MI. We discussed the variety of quilt squares. The students really enjoyed the encouraging sayings. We had some thoughtful discussions. Also, the students were interested in all the different locations of the teachers who attended the summer conference.

Each student has created a rough draft of a quilt square. When I get the material, we will make our squares (I will be adding 2 so we have 15 total). I have a grandmother who will sew the squares together for us and help with the backing. Then the class will do the finishing work and we will proudly display it in the school!!

The class gave a cheer when I announced I was mailing the quilt to Atlanta, GA. I told them I will announce each month where the quilt is headed and we will locate the new host on the classroom map and then follow on the web site what each classroom is doing with the quilt and other Iditarod ideas.

Joy Feinauer


Off to Georgia…

Having the quilt visit was so exciting for my students and me! It arrived on November 1, 2010. We shared it with other grades and discussed our various interests in the Iditarod. During the time that we hosted the quilt, we also had person talk to our class who has attended the Iditarod several times. He brought lots of pictures and stories about past winners and adventures. Because we had been learning Habits of Minds, we used the habit of “Showing Persistence” to spark a writing assignment about different times each of us has had to show persistence to accomplish a goal. We then read our persistence stories to our parents as part of the book fair at our local Barnes and Noble store. The highlight of that evening was sharing the Iditarod Quilt with parents, and marked the beginning of our Idita-Read project!

A few days later we said good-bye to the quilt, but our Iditarod adventure was just beginning. Over the next four months, each student showed persistence as they tried to meet the challenge of reading 1150 minutes. They could read any book they chose, but some of their choices included stories about “Akiak, “Balto,” and many other fiction and non-fiction books.  The students recorded their minutes on a form I modified from one on the Iditarod website, and included the map provided by the website. As you can see in the photo of our bulletin board, each student had a little “dog tag” that they moved along the trail each time they passed a “checkpoint” in their reading. By the time the actual Iditarod had begun in early March, nearly all of the 40 second graders at our school had met that goal. Each student who participated received an Iditarod pencil, and one lucky student, whose name was drawn from the finishers, got a beautiful Iditarod t-shirt (all ordered from the online gift shop!)

As the official restart of the race neared, excitement grew as we read the bios of some of the mushers and rooted for favorites. We were particularly interested in Trent Herbst, the 4th grade teacher, and watched the youtube video of how his class helps him get ready for the race.  Of course Lance Mackey and Martin Buser have their fans, but we also followed some lesser known mushers daily by using Iditarod Insider.  The kids were thrilled to follow the teams’ progress every day on Iditarod Insider and we even got to watch the live finish as John Baker crossed the line in Nome!

I know my students and I will treasure the adventure we had together this year. I hope all classes who a lucky enough to host an Iditarod quilt will be as inspired as mine has been this year! Thank you so much for that experience!

View the Idita Read Form


Back to Michigan…

We had a great time in class learning, exploring and starting some Edited projects.  These projects will keep us going through Iditarod 2011.  The last stop before mailing was Boyne Highlands to meet up with Iditarod musher, Ed Stielstra and his team.  We were hoping to get together at Rainbow Lodge along with you and some Iditarod veterans this coming weekend but the snow conditions are not looking good for a race at this time.

Lynne Witte

We loved having the quilt in our room. We used it to study character education. Students learned about the character traits on the quilt as well as others and tied them into their own lives. They set short term and long term goals better themselves as students and family members. Students also focused on the
beautiful artwork and creative styles used in fashioning the squares. They then were put to task to develop their own quilt square in honor of the U.P. 200, which is a dogsled race and our town in the half way point. The quilt was donated as an item for the silent auction which benefits the U.P. 200 committee.
Amy Ross

Off to Minnesota

View images and read an article from Pine Meadow Elementary School

Back to Michigan…

Hi, Diane, attached is a picture of 1st graders with the quilt.

The students  loved looking at the different squares, made many comments about each different one.  They especially liked the one with fur and what looked like a handlebar, they were interested in the bootie for the dogs and the volunteer patches.  Even since the race has been done, they love going to the site to look at the videos and the images from the trail.  Thank you for including us in the quilt project.

We would very much like to do that again.  Nancy Hughes

Off to Washington…

 No information was received from the teacher.


To Indiana…

Sometimes I have good ideas…and sometimes they are not always the greatest….After receiving the quilt…I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate it into our final 3 weeks….BUT, I had a brainstorm J.  We are currently working on a poetry unit.  I am having my students pick a style of poetry, write a poem with the topic of Kenai or the Iditarod and we are then each going to make our own quilt square and make our own quilt.  I wanted to do it on paper, the kids want to make a similar replica to what we have.  They are so very excited.  Poetry has new life in my room….another topic I can tie into the race J….Sorry, just had to share and I sometimes just get excited about education…..guess we have to because someone has to motivate these kiddos.

Thanks!  Donita Walters

Quilt 5

 During the 2011 – 2012 school year, Quilt 5 was scheduled to travel in New York, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  This quilt got off schedule and didn’t reach all of the intended schools.

Starting in New York…

The quilt arrived and placing a box unopened on the carpet seemed like a pretty normal idea for me. However, when the students entered the room and saw the box their imaginations started to run wild.  We took turns in our circle opening the box as this was a new adventure for most of our class.  We captured our opening party with lots of pictures. We looked at the large squares and compared this quilt to a quilt they had read about in their reading books.    The shapes on the quilt were great to practice our counting with big squares, little squares, rectangles and a lot of “great squares”.   We had a great time with the quilt and will be sad for it to leave us.

Happy Computing,

Mrs. Kristen Magyar

Off the quilt went to the next school. Unfortunately, quilt got off schedule at this point and remained in a teacher’s classroom for several months.  Most schools on the schedule missed the opportunity to meet the quilt.

Finally  Quilt arrived back in New York…

 Danielle Silverman will be sending information.


Quilt 6

Quilt 6 had an exciting journey through the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas, and North Carolina.

From Maryland…

We had a great time with the quilt, learning about the Iditarod, reading quilt stories, sharing the quilt, making their own quilt of memories, and getting excited for the 2011 race!  Thanks so much for all you do to inspire excitement in education!

Our report follows!

Maryann Molishus
Goodnoe Elementary School
Newtown, PA


The Biography of Quilt #6

By Goodnoe Elementary School, Grade 2, Room C20 –

Mrs. Molishus’ and Mrs. Metzler’s Class

November, 2010

Quilt 6 was born in the summer of 2010.  It is a colorful quilt, with a blue backing full of dog bones.  There’s a map of the United States on the front and lots of pictures related to the Iditarod.  All together, there are nine squares on the front of Quilt 6.  Each one is very different. One of the squares was even made by the Goodnoe Room C20 Class of 2009-2010!

Quilt came to Goodnoe Elementary School in October 2010.  Room C20 at Goodnoe was the first place that Quilt 6 visited.  Quilt 6 arrived in a “mystery box.”  The children didn’t know what was in the box, and they had to guess.  First they passed the box around.  They had to guess one thing it could be and one thing they were sure it could not be. Quilt 6 waited patiently in the box. He was feeling awkward when some people called him mail, Styrofoam, clothes, etc., but he was relieved that the children were sure he wasn’t a carnival, a swimming pool, etc.  Finally, the box was opened, and the children discovered he was a quilt!  It took a little while, though, for the children to learn that he was an Iditarod quilt.  They wondered why there were dogs on the quilt and what Iditarod meant.  The class read books about the Iditarod and had discussions to help them learn about the Iditarod, and Quilt 6 enjoyed hearing these things.  He felt proud that he was helping the children learn! Quilt 6 loves listening to Iditarod stories, like The Great Serum Race, and he also loves any books about quilts, like Luka’s Quilt.

Quilt 6 enjoyed his first visit.  Quilt 6 watched everything the children in Room C20 did that month.  They learned a lot about reading and writing.  They did plenty of math too.  They worked on a science project and a holiday card project with classrooms around the country.  Quilt 6 especially enjoyed getting his picture taken and visiting his friends in third grade.  One of his favorite activities was helping the children create their own quilt of family memories.  It was a great way to end his time with the children of C20

Finally, at the end of the month, it was time for Quilt 6 to return to the box and move on to the next part of his journey.  He looks forward to making new memories as he travels the country, visiting the wonderful schools filled with wonderful learners!

Off to Massachusetts…

 No report from this teacher.

On to Connecticut:

No report from this teacher.

And to Texas:

Report will soon be added.  Check back later!


Quilt 7

 Quilt 7 was created after the 2010 Summer Camp for Teachers, by Terrie Hanke and contains designs from the teachers who attend summer camp. 

 No reports were required from these teachers. 

This year’s project in review!  Pictures will advance automatically!  Enjoy the show!

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