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31 08 2011

Hello Teachers! Leave a message! Say hello, share an Iditarod Traveling Quilt memory, lesson plan, or your thoughts! Diane Johnson

10 09 2012

Quilt 10 has arrived in Germany. I will be sharing it with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders to help spark their interest in the Iditarod. Maybe, just maybe, my pictures from camp will arrive today as well.

12 09 2012

Wonderful news! Thanks for the update! We’re so happy to hear that the Quilt is enjoying time in Germany with you! Post some pictures soon. Send them to me if you can’t get them to post but I’ve approved you as a content writer so you should be able to post!


16 10 2012

My pictures from camp finally arrived. I thought things took a long time to arrive when I lived in Tuluksak. It took 2 months to get my photographs! Anyway, I understand that the snow is falling in Alaska and also North Dakota. I hope we have some soon…it is still quite warm (30’s at night and 50’s during the day), but I can always dream! I hope the quilt is well on its way to a new adventure. As for Germany, my kindergarten students are reading about dogs and sleds. I picked up some cute toys in AK and we use them when we read. It’s always fun to read to a moose or a bear!

1 11 2012

Is there specific meaning behind the quilt squares that are added to one quilt. For instance, quilt 9, why were those squares chosen for this particular quilt?

29 05 2013

Each quilt is unique in design and in theme for the quilt or the squares. Quilt 9, for example, was created by students after a quilt visited their classroom. The design of each square shares a message important to that classroom. Generally the messages which may be ‘Iditarod themed’ pertain to good advice for anyone working on meeting goals. Many of the quilts are designed by educators. Our new quilts are created over the summer and squares could be chosen to create an overall theme for a quilt.

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